Democrats must face hard truths: de-prioritize homosexual culture, corporatism to start winning again

June 21, 2017

Clinton Gay Pride

When Democrats voted to elect a new chairman of the DNC this past February, both of the party’s two major problems with undecided, swing voters were on full display. The first speaker at the event stood at the podium for about seven minutes. Instead of speaking to those aforementioned voters to try and win their approval, he stood up there and spoke mostly about his sexuality.


Of course the day ended with Tom Perez, a long-time Bill and Hillary Clinton disciple and corporate crony, winning the DNC chairmanship over Keith Ellison.

Democrats dug their own graves when they, particularly Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Hillary Clinton, deliberately sabotaged the 2016 primaries to ensure the avid corporate feminist Clinton was the candidate running against Donald Trump. Corporate, state-run media crowned her President months before any votes were cast, believing there was no way a serial rapist, racist, charlatan like Donald Trump could defeat her in the general election.

Despite the crushing defeat in November and the embarrassing $25+ million loss in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District last night, Democrats have continued plowing forward with their same losing strategy. They pander to their far-left, reliable (white) liberal base, while ignoring and excluding large blocs of voters who would/could potentially vote for them if they put forth the proper effort. If Democrats want to defeat Trump and start winning Congressional seats and gubernatorial races, they’ll need to start winning elections instead of trying to buy them.

Ditch the homosexual/feminist rhetoric

Jon Ossoff, the Democratic candidate who lost the Georgia special election last night, made LGBT issues a top priority throughout the campaign trail. The 6th Congressional District of Georgia has been owned by Republicans since 1979 when “Dixiecrat” John Flynt retired and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich handily defeated challenger Virginia Shapard (D) by a 54-46 margin. Since that time, Republicans have held the seat either unopposed or winning elections against Democrats with 64%+ of the vote.

It was either ignorance or arrogance that made Democrats believe they could go into a Southern, Republican district talking about LGBT-this/feminist-that and win. Democrats blew a golden opportunity to win this district as Trump’s approval rating has dropped to 36% overall (lowest since becoming President), including an 11% drop among GOP voters since April. Regardless of what individual Democratic voters think of it, 79% of Georgians claim to be some kind of Christian, with 64% believing religion is very important in their lives. Democrats cannot go into a district like GA06 with the same strategy they would use in coastal California, Massachusetts, or New York. Politics is a game of balance and adaptation, both of which Democrats failed to exercise last night.

Democrats do not all of a sudden have to become anti-gay. But homosexuality, feminism and trying to force people to believe men are women and vice versa, is not going to play well with southern white people, Christian black people and Catholic Latinos/as. Its politics. Its a game of give and take. Democrats should not and cannot perpetually mention sexuality/LGBT on the campaign trail. Homosexuality cannot be their primary platform issue alongside “beat Trump.” They will either accept this reality or continue losing.

Ditch the Clinton corporate candidates

Perez Clinton

Most of the reasons people dislike Trump have merit. But many of the reasons the same number of people dislike Hillary Clinton also have merit. As long as Democrats continue pretending like Hillary Clinton and her disciples are noble saints, they will continue seeing election results like last night.

Democrats have long marketed themselves as the “party of the people,” the party that cares about the little guy and forces Federal Reserve note hoarders to pay their fair share of taxes. But its all disingenuous politics, as Hillary Clinton charges upwards of $335,000 to give speeches. Bill and Hillary Clinton made over $150 million total giving speeches from 2001 to 2015. Hillary operates the same way when it comes to donors for elections. Her entire campaign was financed mostly by billionaires, while corporate and foreign donors have funneled millions to the Clinton Foundation. Hillary, like Trump, is also a serial liar and flip-flopper who will say whatever it takes to rile the base and get votes.

Hillary has mesmerized liberals in the same way Trump has far-right wingers. She can do no wrong in their eyes. But if the DNC continues featuring Clinton and her disciples as candidates, more loses are on the horizon.

Distinguish or death

The hard truths Democrats must face revolve mostly around the foregoing, but go deeper than that as far as demographics. Most black Americans know that the USA will always be a racist/terrorist/manipulative state towards them whether Democrats or Republicans are in control. Latino/as know that whether its Republicans or Democrats in power, both will continue tearing apart their families and taking advantage of them in the workplace.

Fact remains Democrats are much better at public relations than the GOP. Many black and brown folks view them as the only hope in the country, while the GOP becomes more and more blatantly white supremacist as the years pass. The GOP has owned the white vote in every Presidential election since 1976, garnering 55% of said vote on average.

Voter distribution

The only reason Barack Obama could win while only receiving 41% of the white vote on average is because he nearly monopolized the black vote, and got 71% and 67% of the Latino vote in 2012 and 2008 respectively. He is also a charismatic black man with a good-looking family that gave many people of color hope (real or otherwise) in a country founded on racism. Obama could push the homosexual agenda and still get enough votes from people of color because of who he is. White, rich Clinton disciples cannot and will not have that type of influence on people of color, who are key to Democrats winning national and local elections.

Democrats have about 17 months to get their act together, look in the mirror, accept reality and adapt. Otherwise MAGA and “Heil Trump” will dominate the political landscape far beyond 2018.


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