White homosexuals and their pet coons “prove” homosexuality in pre-colonial Africa by citing white homosexual studies

October 16, 2018

White homosexuals were so proud of raping enslaved Africans, they painted pictures of it.

Its indisputable fact that Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, and virtually all other ancient Greek men were homosexuals and pedophiles. Their own writings tell you this. The entire Greek army (hoplites soldiers) were all homosexuals by strategy of their leaders. Greece, thanks to the Egyptians teaching them about civilization, was essentially the only area of Europe around 500 BCE where the people weren’t living in caves and sleeping with dead bodies next to them, thus its a proud part of white history. Pompeii is another homosexual haven in ancient Europe where the stories came straight from the people.

Homosexuality has always been part of European existence, and their own people from back then will tell you that in their books, poems, and journals dated 2,500 years ago. Homosexuality was/is their preferred culture and they made laws encouraging it both then and now. But the Euro-Zionist empire wants and expects everyone on Earth to believe that their statutory, widely-encouraged, widely-accepted homosexual cultures were natural everywhere on Earth before they infected every Continent with their languages, religions, diseases, and genocide. They are especially adamant in their attempts to emasculate and homosexualize the entire African Continent.

Left wing white supremacists typically use the reverse psychology argument that homosexuality was very common and essentially the norm in Africa before “European missionaries and Christianity” outlawed it. Thus they are saying that black people on the Continent are too stupid in the 21st century to choose their own paths, embrace their own free wills, and know their own histories. Africans are simply mimicking the right wing white supremacists, according to left wing white supremacists. Both branches of white supremacy need black people for pawns in political and social games, and will go to great lengths to win.

This reverse psychology argument mostly works on feeble-minded negroes, who unfortunately make up a large percentage of black Americans. Left-wing white supremacists want you to believe that 20-plus African countries have English or French as an official language because Africans were born with the language. It wasn’t brought there by Europeans, according to far-left liberals.

Left-wing white supremacists say that everyone south of the U.S. border speaks Spanish or Portuguese because they came out of the womb speaking Spanish, not because Europeans brought the languages there. Not to mention, most Mexicans are Catholics, you know, Rome, Italy (Europe) Catholic. Guess they were just born that way too, like men were really born women, and vice versa; and there were ancient Gaylands in Africa where everyone was homosexual. All the aforementioned is what white liberals want you to believe

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta basically laughed at President Barack Obama when Obama went to Kenya and wasted everyone’s time trying to push his homosexual agenda on the Continent; the same agenda that forever lionized Obama among U.S. white liberals.

The first action of “LGBTs” when forwarding the alternative fact notion that their homo-culture is universal, is typing “homosexuality in pre-colonial Africa” into Google. The most often-cited “sources” they use are the same two articles that pop up first in the search results. One article from The Guardian in the UK entitled “The idea that African homosexuality is a colonial import is a myth,” is written by black homosexual woman, Bernardine Evaristo.

Bernardine Evaristo

Evaristo was born and raised in London, and appears to believe that because her dad was Nigerian, she is somehow an expert of the entire Continental history. Her mom is a white British woman. But forget about this person’s homosexual culture for a moment. The two books she cites as proof, that she says “demolish the revisionist arguments,” are creepily entitled Boy Wives and Female Husbands, and Heterosexual Africa?.

The first book, which implies pedophilia in the title, is written and edited by Stephen O. Murray and Will Roscoe.

Murray, pictured above, is an American who lives in San Francisco and has dedicated his entire life to homosexuality. He has written at least eight books about homosexual culture. All of his books have a very specific agenda: making homosexuality innately African, Mexican, or anything other than what rational, educated people know it is: European culture.

Roscoe, pictured above, is another white homosexual male who lives in San Francisco. He has also dedicated his entire life to homosexual culture, particularly his great effort to emasculate the right-wing white supremacist Jesus.

Marc Epprecht, yet another homosexual white male, wrote the second book cited in the article. He is also from the UK and has dedicated his entire life to homosexual culture.

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The other article that pops up in Google for those search terms is also, not surprisingly, from The Guardian. This article, entitled “If you say being gay is not African, you don’t know your history,” sadly has many of the same dynamics of the other article; basically both follow the same coonery playbook.

Bisi Alimi wrote the article. He is a black homosexual male that became a hero to white liberals simply for practicing homosexual culture, being from Nigeria, and parroting with passion the agenda talking points.

Its the same ticket to left-wing white supremacist acceptance that many black people use: be homosexual and be their favorite pets. Further, he cites the same books as the aforementioned female black homosexual writer did for her “proof.” His other “proof” is that there is a Nigerian word, “adofuro,” that he translates as some positive word for homosexual. The word is essentially synonymous with faggot.

Alimi also says King Mwanga II, of late 1880s Buganda (now Uganda) was homosexual and that’s “proof” of these ancient gaylands in Africa that left-wing white supremacists obsessively fantasize about every day. Not only does Alimi’s “proof” come from the aforementioned books written by white homosexuals and pedophiles, but King Mwanga had 16 wives and 10 kids.

Just like right-wing white supremacists religiously stick to their alternative facts, so do their left-wing counterparts. Its very similar to how a black coon author who hated Malcolm X, focused on an incident that Malcolm X allegedly touched some dude’s balls or something at age 12. This was enough for the “author” to run with it in his book that is highly acclaimed by white liberals. White homosexuals and their pet coons now frequently say Malcolm X was a proud, flaming GLBQT because of this. That is their modus operandi.

Both of these articles show a sad, pathetic pattern: black homosexual coons simply parrot their white liberal masters’ “studies” to not only gain their acceptance, but to also further weaken, taint, and destroy black people. Its the same thing right wing coons like Candace Owens, Sheriff David Clarke, et al., do. Act like loyal Labrador retrievers, and get pats on the head, biscuits, and shown off to the friends and neighbors. Emasculate the men, sterilize the women. That’s been white people’s primary goal for black people since the 1500s.

White people from 3,000 years ago proudly told us all in their own words that they were homosexuals and pedophiles; and that their entire society was based on homosexuality and pedophilia; and these were their preferred cultures. Its also ONLY white people’s research that says homosexuality was the preferred culture on the entire African Continent before they infected it.

There is absolutely no evidence or existence of Egyptian, Nubian, or any other African people writing proudly about pedophilia and homosexuality. Europeans destroyed most of African history via their pillaging, looting, and raping of the entire Continent at gun point, starting around the year 1600. There are not even oral historians (griots) who speak of these fantasy ancient gaylands in Africa where everyone was homosexual that liberals want to exist so bad. Its similar to right wing white supremacists praying for a rapture from their Jesus; left wing white supremacist want ancient gaylands in Africa to satisfy their demented pedo-homo urges with black children, men, and women.

Left wing white supremacists and their black coons always talk about “pride” and homosexuality being noble and divine. Despite how cool and trendy it is, Europeans simply do not want to own their culture as their own. No matter what they say to the contrary, they are ashamed of it. Why not embrace who and what you are if you are proud? Why try and make others who you are to justify your behavior that you’re allegedly proud of?

Homosexuality is the left wing white supremacist equivalent to right wing white supremacist Christianity. Both religions control the minds and bodies of feeble-minded negroes in the USA who would rather acquiesce and succumb to white supremacy versus dying for freedom, liberty, and power. Left wing white supremacists say you are born homosexual (“gay”); right wing white supremacist say you are “born again” as a Christian. These are not coincidences.

This is white supremacy 101, and unfortunately many black people know the drill. All coons have to do for white acceptance is, again, either be homosexual or practice sheer tom-coonery. This pathetic, sad, and depressing dichotomy was put on full display with the Don Lemon vs. Kanye West thing. It fully displays the seemingly irreparable damage done to diaspora Africans over 400-plus years of statutorily-accepted rape, torture, and manipulation at the hands of a feral European population. Lemon is arguing for white liberals; Kanye for white KKK.

Both left and right white supremacy keep black people weak and easily-manipulated. Its safe to say that only about 30% of black America is free: folks who are neither left nor right wing coons; folks who do not yearn white acceptance from either side. Blackness has effectively been wiped out in the USA. The pressure is on a very small group of black men, women, and children to save U.S. blackness from complete extinction, which is likely to happen in the next 50 years without major Nat Turner-like action.

White people control the history books, the airwaves, the guns, and the money. They can forward any narrative they want and make it “truth.” They’ll have you believing that dudes with boob implants were born with them; and that boob implants have been around for thousands of years. Meanwhile 52% of voting white women and 63% of voting white men chose a Thomas Jefferson/George Washington type rapist and pedophile to be their President in 2016.  Not that Hillary Clinton was a better choice. But this is “MAGA.” True knowledge means divesting of Euro-Zionist manipulation of the mind.

Dear left wing white supremacists: Be homosexual since that’s the thing you choose, while your right wing counterparts choose false prophets and accept that “truth is not truth.” Keep the fairy tales and religion to yourself though. It only exposes the feral nature of Europeans at large.

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