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CHRISTMAS LESSON: Ashkenazi (Zionist) Jews Are Gentiles


Ben Shalom Bernanke, Benjamin Netanyahu, and “Lord” Jacob “4th Baron” Rothschild

ANTI-SEMITE ALERT!!!!! We will go ahead and put that to rest immediately, with former seven-term (30 years) Israeli Knesset (Congress) member Shulamit Aloni’s assessment of “anti-semitism.”

And now, let’s begin with a few generally agreed-upon facts. The Torah, or “Written Torah” is the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. Today, over 90 percent of the people in Israel, The United States and Europe who call themselves “jews” are Ashkenazi Jews (Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia says 85 percent on the world’s “jews” are Ashkenazi). So what is an Ashkenazi Jew? For that, we will directly quote their OWN Torah: Read Entire Article

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