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Trump Administration sued in federal court over pandemic response

November 11, 2020

A lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the State of Nevada last week by a concerned citizen who feels the Trump Administration failed the country. George E. Hretz acknowledged in the lawsuit that U.S. Supreme Court precedent makes clear that the government is under no obligation to protect citizens. But Hretz is arguing that the court should revisit its past decisions based on the language of the U.S. Constitution.

COVID-19 is responsible for the deaths of 228,000 Americans, according to the lawsuit, which was filed the final week of October. Hretz, who is representing himself in the lawsuit, said that the Trump Administration placed Americans in harms way by dismantling the pandemic response team that was established by former President Barack Obama. The lawsuit also cites journalist Bob Woodward’s book “Rage.” President Trump, according to the book, told Woodward that he was deliberately “playing down” the pandemic to prevent mass panic. Read Entire Article

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Happy Thanksgiving: White Supremacy 101 Meme

November 28, 2019

Feel free to share everywhere.

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Intersectional White Supremacy: Liberals, Conservatives Bound By Four Key Principles

April 1, 2019 (updated March 7, 2020)

The United States – politically, socially, and in business – has devolved into a war between two European tribes. Nazis versus “LGBT” is the 21st century white holy war.

The Democratic Party officially became the homosexual party during the Obama Administration. LGBT became a fundamentalist religion. The Republican Party has completely and proudly removed its KKK hoods during the Trump Administration. They are challenging 1920s Mafia-types for criminal supremacy. Read Entire Article

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3 reasons Casey Anthony reality show will be successful

December 22, 2018

This article must be prefaced by giving defense attorney Jose Baez his proper and deserved credit. He is an excellent litigator and did his job in winning acquittal for Casey Anthony. That said, everyone knows Anthony, now 32, is guilty as sin. Nobody knows exactly how she murdered her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, but everyone knows she did it or at least was involved in the murder. Now it appears Anthony is about to start cashing in on her infamy.

Casey Anthony, according to her super-secret Twitter account, flew to New York last week to discuss details of a potential reality show called “Casey Moving Forward.” Read Entire Article

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The Book of Donald: Trump is the 21st Century White Jesus

November 13, 2018

The #TrumpTrain suffered a setback in the Midterm Elections. The GOP got thumped in the House of Representatives, and may only break even on the Senate if Mike Espy wins the runoff in Mississippi, and Bill Nelson wins the recount in Florida.

President Donald Trump’s aggregate approval rating hasn’t really changed much since Election Day though: 42%. That’s probably the norm going forward. Donald Trump is the new white Jesus and his disciples love him. The Book of Donald has more oft-repeated verses than the Book of Leviticus: #FakeNews, #EnemyOfThePeople, #GrabThemByThePussy, #MAGA, etc. Read Entire Article

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Potential 2020 Presidential Candidate Michael Avenatti Epitomizes Left-Wing White Supremacy

By Kareem Uhuru
October 27, 2018

Lawyers are the most despised professionals in the United States. A 2013 Pew survey found that only 18% of Americans believe attorneys contribute anything positive to society. Of course the same poll found that 78% of Americans unconditionally love military. That’s a conversation for another day. But just because most lawyers are sleazy, manipulative money grubs doesn’t mean there aren’t great ones who have perfected the art of litigation.

Jose Baez accomplished a great legal feat when he got Casey Anthony, a woman who likely murdered her own 2-year-old daughter, acquitted. Read Entire Article

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White LGBT “proves” homosexuality in pre-colonial Africa by citing white LGBT studies

October 16, 2018 (links updated February 11, 2020)

Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, and virtually all other ancient Greek men were homosexuals and pedophiles. That’s indisputable fact. It’s all throughout their own writings. The entire Greek army (hoplites soldiers) was homosexual by strategy of their leaders.

Greece, thanks to the Egyptians teaching them about civilization, was essentially the only area of Europe around 500 BCE that people weren’t living in caves and sleeping with dead bodies next to them. It’s a proud part of white history. Pompeii is another homosexual haven in ancient Europe where the stories came straight from the people. Read Entire Article

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Las Vegas False Flag: Craigslist Ad for Crisis Actors Posted Two Weeks Ago; numerous witnesses heard helicopters, while Trump secured his shady business dealings with the Saudis

October 2, 2017 (This article has been updated several times; last update to refresh links was June 2, 2023)

UPDATED August 3, 2018 – Las Vegas Police officially end investigation into the mass shooting.

All those witnesses who said something about seeing or hearing helicopters has never been mentioned by mainstream media. Police completely ignored it. This is the craziest mass shooting coverup/false flag in U.S. history. We’ll never know exactly why this all happened. RIP to all who actually died that day.

UPDATED OCTOBER 10 – 7:45pm Pacific: The top six floors (including the 32nd) of Mandalay Bay are actually a Four Seasons Hotel. The Saudi “royal family” owns 47.5% of it, and Bill Gates owns 47.5%. There is a private-access elevator to get to the top floors, and also a service elevator for the entire building. Interestingly, Steve Wynn, of Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas, suggested that Stephen Paddock may have used the service elevator to get the guns in the building. Read Entire Article

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Democrats must de-prioritize homosexual culture, corporatism to start winning again

June 21, 2017 (links and copy updated February 10, 2020)

Democrats voted in the new chairman of the DNC this past February. The process highlighted the party’s two major problems with undecided, swing voters. The first speaker stood at the podium for seven minutes. Instead of speaking to swing voters, he talked mostly about his sexuality.

Tom Perez won the DNC chairmanship over Keith Ellison. Perez is a long-time Bill and Hillary Clinton disciple and corporate crony.

Democrats dug their own graves. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Hillary Clinton deliberately sabotaged the 2016 primaries to ensure Clinton was the Democratic candidate running against Donald Trump. Corporate, state-run media crowned her President months before any votes were cast. CNN, MSNBC, etc. believed there was no way a serial rapist, racist, charlatan like Trump could defeat Hillary in the general election. Read Entire Article

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Black Survival: How To Easily Spot White Racist Creatures

February 11, 2017

The February 3 story about Louisiana judge Mike Erwin (pictured above) loudly calling patrons of Sammy’s Grill in Baton Rouge “nigger” several times is nothing new in the USA. He’s been a judge since 1991 and has joyously locked up black Americans in cages ever since.

This incident will serve as a lesson in survival for diaspora Afrikans in the USA from this point forward. Many racist white human-like creatures have a distinctive physical characteristic that will help you easily identify them. Read Entire Article

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