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Las Vegas False Flag: Craigslist Ad for Crisis Actors Posted Two Weeks Ago; numerous witnesses heard helicopters, while Trump secured his shady business dealings with the Saudis

October 2, 2017 (This article has been updated several times; last update to refresh links was June 2, 2023)

UPDATED August 3, 2018 – Las Vegas Police officially end investigation into the mass shooting.

All those witnesses who said something about seeing or hearing helicopters has never been mentioned by mainstream media. Police completely ignored it. This is the craziest mass shooting coverup/false flag in U.S. history. We’ll never know exactly why this all happened. RIP to all who actually died that day.

UPDATED OCTOBER 10 – 7:45pm Pacific: The top six floors (including the 32nd) of Mandalay Bay are actually a Four Seasons Hotel. The Saudi “royal family” owns 47.5% of it, and Bill Gates owns 47.5%. There is a private-access elevator to get to the top floors, and also a service elevator for the entire building. Interestingly, Steve Wynn, of Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas, suggested that Stephen Paddock may have used the service elevator to get the guns in the building. Read Entire Article

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Sandy Hook, Line, And Sinker: 2012 FBI Crime Report Shows Zero Killed In Newtown

September 24, 2014

NEWTOWN, CONN. — A 2013 survey conducted by Reason-Rupp about six weeks after the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, found that 52 percent of Americans believed politicians were “exploiting the tragedy” for political gain. 41 percent said Congress was acting properly.

That means 93 percent believed the premise that 20 kids and 6 adults were gunned down by Adam Lanza at a Newtown, Connecticut elementary school after he shot and killed his mother in her home earlier that morning. The FBI has now revealed the entire Sandy Hook saga was just another government false flag, like the Gulf of Tonkin incident that triggered the start of the Vietnam War. Read Entire Article

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