Sandy Hook, Line, And Sinker: 2012 FBI Crime Report Shows Zero Killed In Newtown

September 24, 2014

Robbie Parker smiling and laughing before getting to "tragedy" character.

Robbie Parker smiling and laughing before getting into “tragedy” character.

Emile Parker

Emile Parker is supposedly Robbie’s 6-year-old dead daughter he was laughing about.

NEWTOWN, CONN. — A 2013 survey conducted by Reason-Rupp about six weeks after the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, found that 52 percent of Americans believed politicians were “exploiting the tragedy” for political gain. 41 percent said Congress was acting properly.

That means 93 percent believed the premise that 20 kids and 6 adults were gunned down by Adam Lanza at a Newtown, Connecticut elementary school after he shot and killed his mother in her home earlier that morning. The FBI has now revealed the entire Sandy Hook saga was just another government false flag, like the Gulf of Tonkin incident that triggered the start of the Vietnam War.

Uniform Crime Reports for 2012 were published on the FBI official website this week. The data released for the State of Connecticut shows zero deaths as a result of murder or non-negligent homicide in Newtown during that year.

Sandy Hook FBI1

Sandy Hook FBI2

U.S. government has proven that it relies on the gullibility and obedience of Americans to be so confident in staging such a sloppy false flag. The pictures of the so-called “killer” are comical enough.

Adam Lanza.

Adam Lanza.

You ever notice how all these false flag patsies have the same stupid look on their faces in booking photos?

Jared Loughner Black Eye NewsJames Holmes Black Eye News

Of course that’s Tucson/U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords shooter Jared Loughner on the left; and Aurora, Colo. movie theater shooter James Holmes on the right.

Not to mention Dawn Hochsprung, the “brave school principal” who was allegedly killed in the “massacre” somehow did an interview with the Newtown Bee the next day.

Newtown Bee

Amazingly Hochsprung was also a victim in the alleged “Boston Marathon bombing” four months later.


Despite U.S. government now admitting Sandy Hook was a false flag, there will still be a large segment of Americans who trust and live by the government tale, a la 9/11, JFK, and Israel. It takes a special kind of person to believe something so obviously phony with really bad actors executing the plan. But that is what fluoride water, state-run media, chem-trails, and vaccines do to a population.

Emilie Parker standing with President Barack Obama...

Emilie Parker standing with President Barack Obama… the same red and black outfit she wore in a family photo.

…in the same red and black outfit she wore in a family photo.

Last news about Robbie Parker and the rest of his family was him throwing out the first pitch at a Texas Rangers game in March of 2013. Other than that, we can’t find anything about him anywhere. The Emile Parker Fund Facebook page is still active (now defunct), but you can read about that yourself.

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