Fake Beheadings: 4 Simple Pieces Of Evidence That Reveal Truth About ISIS

October 4, 2014 (links updated July 2, 2020)

James Foley "beheading."

James Foley “beheading.”

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released in mid-September confirmed the obvious: propaganda and monopolized state-run media are highly effective mind control tools for the masses.

The poll found that 94 percent of Americans have heard about the so-called ISIS beheadings. That number is far more than any other news event in the past five years. Further, 61 percent said U.S. military action against ISIS is necessary, while 47 percent say the U.S. is less safe now than before 9/11.

U.S. government, particularly the CIA, FBI and their Mossad pals in Israel (FYI that’s the Zionist version of the CIA), rely solely on the gullibility, naivety, and frankly stupidity of Americans to pull off these boogeyman/false flag acts (see 9/11 and Sandy Hook – acts that were orchestrated, not done spontaneously by nefarious individuals). These acts are getting sloppier and more amateurish because Americans are so inert, perfect execution isn’t even necessary.

Government apologists can stop reading now. For all others, the following is all you need to know to (literally and figuratively) take the mask off ISIS and discover who they really are.

1) ISIS Headquarters Is In Washington D.C.

We’ve figured out the best way to end ‪ISIS and bring peace to America: just close down their headquarters in Washington DC. Integrated Systems Improvement Service Inc., or ISIS, is a US military contractor located at 1300 Pennsylvania Ave., just down the street from the White House.


UPDATE December 3, 2015: DC-based ISIS has now changed its name to “SIS” after our report. Here is an archived link from February 2014 of ISIS headquarters in DC when it was still called ISIS and we reported on it. Here is an archived link from January 2016 with the name “SIS.” However their website URL is still ISISHQ.com.


UPDATE July 2, 2020 – ISIS/SIS is now offline completely. Only the archives exist.

Per their own website, “ISIS provides worldwide security, intelligence, technology and training to government and private enterprises. ISIS is strategically positioned across the globe, with a highly credentialed management team and personnel.” Click on the “Clients” link on the ISIS website. They include, inter alia, the U.S. Army Intelligence Center, Fort Huachuca (Arizona), U.S. Government, and the Department of Defense.

ISIS Clients

One of the contracts is for “THEATER WIDE Security Services.” Perfect segue.

2) Beheading Videos Stylized Like Turkish Action Movie Series

Scroll up and take another look at the James Foley “beheading” photo above. Now fast forward to the 33 second mark of this trailer from a Turkish movie and television series called “Valley Of The Wolves,” which began in 2003 and still airs today. Pause it, scroll back up, and look at the Foley photo again.

Veterans Today, a pro-military news website, pointed out how all these fake beheadings are filmed in Israel. They’re also all produced and directed by Bethesda, Maryland-based SITE Intelligence Group, the same people who coincidentally or otherwise were the first to release the James Foley beheading video, along with several Osama bin Laden video and audio tapes after 9/11.

Check out this essay by Dr. Irene Caesar for further analysis on the photoshopped beheading images disseminated in media, along with the history of Rita Katz, founder of SITE Intelligence.

3) U.S. Government Admitted They Created ISIS

It was February 2012 when Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham said the U.S. government should arm and support the Syrian rebels (ISIS). Two years later, after the U.S. armed ISIS, McCain said “we must fight ISIS.” McCain also told Sean Hannity on Fox News two weeks ago that he “talks to these people” all the time, referring to ISIS.

But forget all that for a second. Former FBI Director Ted Gunderson told the world that the CIA orchestrates most terrorist attacks at home and abroad (he was poisoned and killed afterwards, despite what Zionist-run Wikipedia tells you).

Not to mention Hillary Clinton told Fox News that the U.S. armed and created “Mujahideen,” aka al-Qaeda, in the 1980s.

And of course President Barack Obama has also admitted the U.S. government funds and trains ISIS.

The CIA also admitted in 2010 that they staged several fake Jihadist videos after 9/11, and contemplated making one depicting Saddam Hussein as a pedophile to make Iraqis hate him.

4) Common Sense

This one is probably the most damning piece of evidence. Sadly most Americans will simply attack the messenger and live in denial when presented with this information. Most of these ISIS people you see in the fake videos and photos have their faces covered because they’re mostly white American CIA military personnel and white Zionist Mossad personnel from Israel.

Regardless, the age-old test when it comes to researching government shenanigans is to always follow the money trail. Any questions?



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    Geah! Of course its fake….lotta fake crap going on in the world. If the govt is yappin, its bullshat. Geah.

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