3 reasons Casey Anthony reality show will be successful

December 22, 2018

Casey Anthony, and her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee

This article must be prefaced by giving defense attorney Jose Baez his proper and deserved credit. He is an excellent litigator and did his job in winning acquittal for Casey Anthony. That said, everyone knows Anthony, now 32, is guilty as sin. Nobody knows exactly how she murdered her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, but everyone knows she did it or at least was involved in the murder. Now it appears Anthony is about to start cashing in on her infamy.

Casey Anthony, according to her super-secret Twitter account, flew to New York last week to discuss details of a potential reality show called “Casey Moving Forward.”

She was given a deadline of sometime in February to decide whether to not to go forward with the show, according to several reports. No details have been revealed as to what network or web channel this show would appear on. No financial details were revealed either.

Anthony has been using Twitter to communicate with her circle of friends. She creates new accounts every few months because they get discovered by internet sleuths and disseminated accordingly. It’s bad enough that Casey Anthony killed her own child. But part of the reason she was acquitted of murder was her tale about George Anthony, her father, “sexually assaulting” her as a child. These type of accusations destroy lives and put innocent men in prison for crimes they did not commit. Thus this woman likely killed her own child and stepped on the heart and soul of a man who seemingly loved her to death prior to all this crap. Despite all this, she still has a following of fans.

To add insult to injury, George was in a near-fatal car accident on November 24 and is still in the hospital. Meanwhile Casey has been trashing both her father and mother on Twitter, calling the latter “gullible” and referring to her father as “[that] man.” She had the nerve to wish her mom a happy birthday on Twitter after the insult.

Truth is that if Anthony gets a reality show, it will likely be on an online platform. Its difficult to imagine any network or cable channel airing the show. There is an audience out there for it and they will show up in droves. Casey Anthony is white, female, and knows how to manipulate. She will do that by catering to her white fan base.

White people love their killers

It’s no secret that white Americans worship cops and military like gods. Cops essentially replaced Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior[s] sometime after those three buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition in New York City on September 11, 2001. Cops and military murder people for money. That is their job and white people adore them unconditionally for it. Of course the white copsucking and military worshiping crowds parrot the talking point that cops and military “protect our freedom.” They even side with black cops who murder tiny white girls who did nothing but ask them for help. Badges and flags are like porn toys for white people. Its quite creepy and disturbing.

White worship of killers is not limited to cops and military. White media, politicians, and the U.S. Justice System’s fawning over serial killer Ted Bundy was/is quite surreal. That military porn movie featuring serial killer Chris Kyle further showed their deranged lust for blood. Cecil Rhodes was a genocidal madman who white people named college scholarships after; and stupid negroes are dumb enough to accept. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and all white people’s “founding fathers” were also genocidal madmen who raped, murdered and trafficked human beings for profit.

All Casey Anthony did was kill her baby girl. That’s nothing compared to all their other murderous heroes.¬†Frankly it makes no sense for the same white people who worship cops like gods to hate Anthony. Their phony morals won’t hold up though because their innate blood-lust will ultimately prevail. Anthony’s reality show will have a solid following just from the blood-lusting, copsucking crowd who get off on murder.

Casey Anthony is [now] a Trump MAGA fanatic

Donald Trump once said something to the effect that he could kill someone on the streets of New York and his fanatics would still love him. He’s right. Trump is just like all their other aforementioned “fathers,” cops, and military who they view as gods. Like Jefferson and Washington, Trump is a serial rapist. That seems to be a prerequisite for right wing white extremists to love their man.

Casey Anthony has been showing lots of love for Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, and “MAGA” on Twitter lately.

Perhaps Anthony is savvy enough to understand marketing concepts; that anyone who is part of this cult will get love from other members of the cult. There is a concrete tribal divide with white people in the USA. Left-wing white supremacists practice the homosexual/pedophile culture, while right wing white supremacy is Trump, Netanyahu, and rape culture. If Anthony declares herself to the “right,” she will automatically get support from that tribe. That’s how simple and shallow white America is in 2018-19. Casey could have chosen to sleep with other white women to get potential sympathy and empathy from liberals. But she must have learned that wasn’t going to fly.

The shrewd and manipulative Anthony knows what she’s doing. She was at an anti-Trump protest in Palm Beach, Florida less than two years ago. These rallies, of course, have lots of white liberals at them.

Casey must have realized after being in contact with that crowd that there was no pathway to success being true to herself (which is likely anti-Trump). She now sees (or was forced to see) an opportunity for money and a support base among the “MAGA” crowd.

All Casey has to do is parrot Trump talking points and the cult will like her. Its no different than what KellyAnne Conway and Candace Owens did/do.

Both were anti-Trump, but saw opportunities at money and [infamy] simply by joining the tribe and following its rituals. Its the same for liberals: parrot their talking points that mostly revolve around homosexuality, and they will love you. Owens and Conway recognized that it paid more to parrot Trump talking points than being a liberal parrot, thus the switches.

Whores, male and female, are for sale and can be bought. There are no morals in capitalism. Anthony and other Trump women show that all the time. She understands that Trump is a nasty human being who is loved by a segment of white people. Casey is perceived as a nasty human being too, and wants to feed off the same crowd.

This is a calculated move by Anthony. Credit must be given where its due. She has obviously studied this cult phenomenon and will try her luck at it.

She’s white and “attractive”

Many white males think Casey Anthony is attractive. Many men of color probably did too until her aforementioned Declaration of Trumpism.

Tomi Lahren has inspired many young white females who white males likely find attractive to dip into the cookie jar and get their share of the horny pie. That Kent State gun girl is apparently attractive to white males because her 15 minutes has continued, at least on Twitter in the form of 146,000 followers.

Jodi Arias, who murdered her boyfriend, also has a loyal following of white horny males on the verge of switching to homosexuality because they cannot get women. But even dumb, desperate negroes go after these white murder tarts like Arias and Anthony to satisfy their weird fetishes.  Note: Nancy Grace is in the following video. She is also an opportunist white female who essentially killed a woman herself.

Any brainless bimbo-looking white chick can have a paying audience in the USA if she understands basic marketing principles.

There may be some complications in this regard, however, for Anthony. The Daily Mail in the U.K. is reporting that Anthony is dating a 38-year-old West Palm Beach bartender named Antony Karagiannis.

Antony Karagiannis

Karagiannis is a not-so-kosher individual himself, according to RadarOnline reports. He has impersonated a cop several times to get better parking spots in the West Palm Beach area at places he’s frequented in the past. His white privilege has allowed him to escape charges. Interestingly, he’s also a single father of a young daughter.

The notion that Karagiannis is apparently sleeping with Casey Anthony will upset many of her horny fans who want to get laid. Casey even acknowledged this dilemma in a very arrogant tweet. But she may have a point when she says dating her current boyfriend won’t matter with other [white] men.

White pedophile women, who are quite common in the USA particularly in the teaching profession, always get very light sentences (if they are arrested and prosecuted at all) for raping 13 and 14 year old boys. The white judges give them breaks because the judges think the sexual predators are cute. That Kate McClure chick, who ripped off thousands of people with a GoFundMe scam with the homeless veteran and her boyfriend, is even trying to play the white damsel-in-distress role hoping to get a lighter sentence or even acquitted of all the related charges. That is white world for females for you.

Ultimately, it’s doubtful Casey Anthony will get a reality show. If she was wearing a cop costume while she murdered her child, the situation would be different and white America would openly love her. But killing a white child in America is typically not good. Now in the age of Trump, that may be changing. Any network or web channel that agrees to host a potential “Casey Moving Forward” reality show risks mass boycotts and potential bankruptcy. Further, how interesting could this show possibly be? Sure if Anthony gets pregnant again by her boyfriend, that would be hate-ratings gold. But the risk seems far more detrimental than the potential rewards.

Casey Anthony has changed her Twitter handle yet again and removed the one referenced in this article so we can no longer follow (monitor) it.


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