The Book of Donald: Trump is the 21st Century White Jesus

November 13, 2018

The #TrumpTrain suffered a setback in the Midterm Elections. The GOP got thumped in the House of Representatives, and may only break even on the Senate if Mike Espy wins the runoff in Mississippi, and Bill Nelson wins the recount in Florida.

President Donald Trump’s aggregate approval rating hasn’t really changed much since Election Day though: 42%. That’s probably the norm going forward. Donald Trump is the new white Jesus and his disciples love him. The Book of Donald has more oft-repeated verses than the Book of Leviticus: #FakeNews, #EnemyOfThePeople, #GrabThemByThePussy, #MAGA, etc.

The Great Compromise after the Civil War was that the Confederacy got to keep their black slavery. But it would be moved to the prison systems and be less overt. That is why private, for-profit prisons (e.g. Corrections Corporation of America, now known as “Core Civic”) are heavily-concentrated in Confederate states in 2018.

“The right” wants their rape, murder, and slavery back since white liberal get to satisfy their pre-Civil War pedophile/homosexual pleasures with black people. Call it The Great Compromise II between these white factions. It’s fascinating to watch unfold.

“Alt-right” is the new gay

The right-wing answer to radical white liberal homosexual culture is #MAGA. Make American Great Again means complete, 100% control of the minds, bodies, and souls of black people again.

Europeans came to America in the 15th century to spread the imperial ideals of their oligarchs and masters. These poor white people also got de-facto freedom by being an ocean away from their kings. The oligarchs promised the poor white masses eternal power over black people as long as said whites remained loyal and obedient to the crown. That was good enough for the general white population.

These new white “Americans” were granted rape, murder, and torture with impunity privileges over black people and Native Americans. White men satisfied their feral urges under the cover of said laws. It was considered this a gift from their oligarchs.

Absolute impunity for rape, murder, and torture was weakened after the U.S. Civil War. White males were not happy. They lost even more control of humanity when women of all races were “given” the right to vote in 1920. This made them even angrier.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 technically made lynching and other murders with impunity of black people illegal for the first time in 400-plus years of Euro-Zionist control. White males have been accumulating more anger since then. They no longer had full control of black people in the USA. This was not acceptable to them. A black President was the last straw.

This photo of President Barack Obama is known to cause instant, violent reactions in right-wing circles.


These feral white men could easily cross over to the liberal side of white supremacy and do their homosexual and pedophile fantasy rapes in consensual relationships; something they mostly kept behind closed doors through the 1900s. Though right wingers enjoy and participate in homosexual culture, they don’t like it out in the open like their white liberal counterparts.

The “alt-right” wants to control the narrative again. They want to subordinate women and torture people of color. This makes the solid-majority white population that voted for Trump feel better about themselves, more powerful, and more supreme especially after having to deal with a black President for eight years.

They needed an unapologetic rapist, racist, adulterer billionaire who fantasizes about sex with his daughter as the President in the post-Obama era.

It almost looks like Ivanka was about to pull his hand away from her ass at the 2016 RNC Convention when he was pervertedly-patting her; as to say “Daddy, you can’t do that in public, only in private.” Not that it matters. There’s a 90% chance Donald has consummated his incestuous desires numerous times.

If you don’t want to watch the video, just look at Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s and Joy Behar’s faces after Donald Trump said “if Ivanka wasn’t my daughter, I’d be dating her.”

But getting Trump in the White House was still not guaranteed even with all the wild white energy in 2016. The Confederate right also needed a flawed Democratic candidate to elevate Trump to the top. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC obliged by selecting Hillary Clinton. They also needed help from other white supremacist oligarchs like Vladimir Putin.

Despite Trump raping and/or cheating on all his wives, saying he grabs women by the pussy anytime he wants, and his open and creepy incestuous desires, 53% of voting white women chose Trump in 2016. White men, of course, chose Trump at a 62% clip. No other demographics (black men, brown women, etc.) voted higher than 32% for Trump.

The Confederate platform worked in 2016, and placed the most blatant white supremacist since radical Christian terrorists (KKK) Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, and Harry S. Truman were in the White House.

Trump Christianity continues the 500 year manipulation tool

American Christianity has always been a European imperialist cult. Christianity is the foundation of global white supremacist culture. It’s actually quite clever; you have to give the white imperialists credit where its due.

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Catholic and Protestant imperialists spread their gods and languages like viruses everywhere on the globe in the 17th-19th centuries. Today nearly 120 million Africans speak French as a first or second language; and at least 12 African nations use English as an official language. Virtually all of Mexico, Central and South America are Spanish or Portuguese-speaking, and Catholic.

The imperialists propped up a fictional, white surfer-looking Jesus; whose popular images are really a guy named Cesare Borgia. The story goes that Jesus allegedly gave his life so all West Africans of the Diaspora, and all native/aboriginal people of North, Central, and South America, could be good, submissive, happy, willing slaves to people who looked like “Jesus Borgia.”

White people have and always will expect religious people of color to be righteous, caring, forgiving people like Jesus in the Bible; and live godly lives. Meanwhile white men claiming to be Christians in the 1700s and the 21st century, beat their wives, sleep around on their wives, sleep with/rape other men, marry other men, and commit perpetual genocide around the planet; all in the name of Jesus and God.

Jesus is white people’s fictional savior. The incarnate version is essentially any rich American whiteboy who exercises carte blanche evil on black people, brown people, and Muslims. It gives a majority of white Americans sexual, visual, and auditory gratification to experience Muslim, black, and brown people tortured, killed, and/or manipulated. They also kill and torture animals for fun, and make entire species extinct or endangered because they lust blood so much.

Donald Trump’s kids kill leopards for fun. Random white girls kill zebras for fun.
Trump has fueled these innate, feral traits of Europeans by openly and proudly displaying and reinforcing them at all times. He’s telling America that he can cheat on his wife, rob hundreds of Americans of millions of dollars via Trump University, hide his tax returns, profit off the Presidency, appoint random people as Attorney General, create a circus-like turnover machine at the White House, and collude with other white supremacist nations to win an election and become President because…he’s white and rich. That makes white people feel powerful, plain and simple.

The goal is to make all white people believe and live this again. This is #MAGA. Most white males are homosexuals and white female liberals sleep with other women. White population growth has stagnated as a result, while black and brown births continue to grow. That scares white people a lot. That is why both left and right are fine with normalizing homosexuality so black and brown people participate in the culture and diminish their reproduction rates as well; slow down the inevitable browning of America.

Common decency, manners, and basic human compassion must be completely eliminated for #MAGA culture to work properly. Its even considered weak and “beta” to have any human compassion at all in right wing circles, which makes it all the more weird that they pretend to like/love Jesus Christ.

Women are whores, men rule all, and homosexuality is quietly-accepted for right-wing Trump Christianity. Liberals allow women to rule and are openly homosexual with their “LGBT” religion. That’s just how America works – two white extremes.

Right-white America wanted to spit in every black person’s face during and after Obama.  They voted in mass for their spit.

Gun Control Under Trump

What interesting about Donald Trump is that he’s forcing liberals to put on their best left-wing white supremacist faces in order to keep crowds engaged. Liberals are deliberately or otherwise doing the GOP a favor with their gun control charades. Democrats basically want to make it harder for black and brown people to buy guns in the USA than it already is for said people.

White imperialists, left and right, already own a lot of guns. A vast majority of school shooters and other domestic U.S. terrorists are white. So-called gun control has always been about keeping black people unarmed and subservient. This fact is easily demonstrated by former GOP messiah/Jesus before Trump, Ronald Reagan, passing the Mulford Act in 1967 as governor of California. It banned open-carry in the state. He did this specifically to disarm the Black Panther Party of Self-Defense. In other words, Reagan was willing to take gun rights away from the whole state to ensure black people could not legally carry firearms.

Any new gun control legislation in the 21st century would not deter right-wing white supremacy. It would not deter their heavily-armed cops who enforce white supremacy across the country. It would not deter their deranged school, mall, nightclub, and theater shooters. Barring military-enforced roundups of guns, more gun control would simply make the white gun monopoly in the USA that much stronger.

The Euro-Zionist empire would not exist without guns. It was guns, god, and manipulation that got them all this; that got them total control of all people of color. Preventing people of color from acquiring and/or manufacturing firearms has been a huge part of maintaining their empire.

African and Muslim countries are not “allowed” to have nuclear weapons because that would level the playing field. Only white people can have them. Meanwhile Israel, the supreme god of both left and right white supremacists in the USA, is the only country on Earth that is exempt from international nuclear arms inspections.

All the Parkland/synagogue/gun control/marching/Hogg stuff that has dominated news in 2018 is just white people fake-fighting other white people in the USA. Both the US left and right answer to Israel and AIPAC. Both want to continue using black people as political pawns and keep them subservient. Both quietly want gun control just like both want homosexuality, just with slightly different conditioins. Again, its all very clever.

Black people continue religiously voting for Democrats who want to disarm them and keep them defenseless against Euro-imperialists. This is the definition of insanity. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, the concept of “USA” has existed since the 1500s. Its been completely and 100% legal for any white person to kill, rape, maim, and/or torture any black person in 450 of 500 total years of existence. Its still legal today for all intents and purposes. Its just not advertised as such anymore. Of course its also foolish for black people to vote for the Nazi/KKK/white supremacist GOP. But the choices are left-wing white supremacy, right-wing white supremacy, or being ostracized. The latter group are the only true remaining black people in America.

Trump is nothing new

Donald Trump represents the best chance in a generation for Antebellum, Confederate white culture to be resurrected. It was a time when white males could rape, torture, and/or maim any black man, woman, child, or dog they wished, whenever, and however they wanted, with absolute impunity. They also brutally assaulted and raped their wives, didn’t “allow” them to vote or own property, and cheated on them constantly. That is #MAGA. That is Trump.

The fact that 53% of voting white women voted Trump in 2016 means a majority of that demographic enjoys playing the role of “good ‘ol days” Stepford Wives. There’s no other explanation for them voting for a serial rapist, adulterer, and creepy old man.
White supremacist culture and its survival is more important to a majority of white women than personal dignity.

#MAGA means make white supremacy a statutory reality again; make black people 3/5 of a human, push Indians/Mexicans further onto reservations, and deport “aliens.” Desperate, insecure white people have always loved their billionaire oligarchs and slave owners in Europe and the USA.

Trump, Romney (just elected to U.S. Senate FYI), and the Bush’s are all high-end millionaires/billionaires. John McCain’s wife is the Anheuser-Busch heiress, and worth over $200 million by herself. It’s been a 1% club of GOP POTUS candidates since the 1990s. White people simply love them. Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and virtually all “founding fathers” presidents were equivalent of millionaires/billionaires. Plus all of them bought, sold, raped, maimed, and tortured black people proudly and with impunity. The white masses loved them too, then and now.

This is white culture in America. This is the “great” part of #MAGA. White supremacist manipulators and apologists look at these black-and-white photos and dismiss them as old and obsolete.

These are 20th century Trump rallies, complete with dead bodies. These smiling crowds that enjoy the sights and sounds of torturing black people to death are the same people supporting Trump unconditionally in 2018.

The New Normal: Baraboo, Wisconsin prom.

Donald Jesus Trump answering white prayers

Trump has already appointed 84 federal judges to lifetime positions (“Article III judges”) as of November 4, 2018, including the stolen Merrick Garland Supreme Court seat. Thus even if Trump is impeached, resigns, or is removed from office some other way, he has already peppered the federal judiciary with numerous Roy Moore’s, Brett Kavanaugh’s, and Neil Gorsuch’s who will carry on his legacy long after he’s gone.

Donald J. Trump is rapturing his disciples towards their ultimate heaven: Antebellum America. There’s a realistic chance that Trump serves two full terms and continues this march towards Confederate normalcy. Democrats winning the House will at least act as a tyranny retardant. But the trajectory remains the same. Basically the choice is homosexual America or radical white extremist America.

People of color just need to stay armed and vigilant regardless of anything else.
#MAGA is like Thanksgiving every day for Trump disciples. There will be no wall, but let there be white; all day, every day.

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