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CHRISTMAS LESSON: Ashkenazi (Zionist) Jews Are Gentiles

12/25/2012 (links and photos updated December 25, 2019)

Ben Shalom Bernanke, Benjamin Netanyahu, and “Lord” Jacob “4th Baron” Rothschild

ANTI-SEMITE ALERT!!!!! We will go ahead and put that to rest immediately. Here is former seven-term (30 years) Israeli Knesset member Shulamit Aloni’s assessment of “anti-semitism.”

Let’s begin with a few generally agreed-upon facts. The Torah, or “Written Torah” is the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. Today, over 90 percent of the people who call themselves “jews” in Israel, the United States, and Europe are Ashkenazi Jews. Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia says 85 percent on the world’s “jews” are Ashkenazi. Read Entire Article

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FOX NEWS REPORT: 60 Israeli Spies Arrested In USA Shortly After 9/11 (Aired 12/11/01)

June 25, 2012

Believe it or not, Fox News used to have real reporters who reported real news. All four parts of Carl Cameron’s Pulitzer-level report can be seen below. It blows the lid off Israeli espionage on U.S. soil during and before the September 11, 2001 “terror attacks” on New York City and Washington, D.C.

Most Americans still sheepishly believe that 9/11 Commission Report. It should be noted that Cameron’s report was removed from all Fox News video feeds (direct order from Rupert Murdoch himself shortly after originally airing). The Wiki-Jews are out in full force not only cleansing Cameron’s Wikipedia page of any reference to the story, but silencing all truth about Israeli corporation Amdocs being involved. Amdocs prints and stores virtually every record of all telecommunications made in the USA, specifically for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Comcast, DirecTV and Bell Canada, among others. Read Entire Article

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USS Liberty: When Israel Murdered 34 Americans and U.S. Government Covered It Up

January 29, 2012

The U.S. government and its state-run media’s “official” story regarding the September 11, 2001 destruction of three skyscrapers in New York City, a missile-sized hole being blown into the Pentagon, and United Airlines Flight 93 going down in Shanksville, PA is that 19 “Islamist terrorists” armed with box-cutters caused it all. Though fewer and fewer Americans are buying this ridiculous story, the USA’s 10-plus year global war on Islam, genocide of all Muslim people, and arbitrary hatred and detest for all things Muslim continues unabated as a result of these alleged “Muslim jihadist’s” acts. Read Entire Article

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