Intersectional White Supremacy: Liberals, Conservatives Bound By Four Key Principles

April 1, 2019 (updated March 7, 2020)

The United States – politically, socially, and in business – has devolved into a war between two European tribes. Nazis versus “LGBT” is the 21st century white holy war.

The Democratic Party officially became the homosexual party during the Obama Administration. LGBT became a fundamentalist religion. The Republican Party has completely and proudly removed its KKK hoods during the Trump Administration. They are challenging 1920s Mafia-types for criminal supremacy.

Both tribes’ belief systems are based on subterfuges. Their adherents are extremely loyal. They parrot talking points naturally and confidently.

The two tribes act like they hate each other. But intersectional white supremacy (IWS) has and always will bond them due to the Great Compromise after the U.S. Civil War.

Intersectional White Supremacy Defined

Intersectional white supremacy is the credo that “the 80%” of white Americans love, live by, and adhere to, regardless of their Republican, Democrat, Confederate, LGBT, and other labels they use to distinguish themselves from one another. The four uniting tenets of IWS have been well-established since the 1800s.

It’s too easy to point out Republicans’ feral behavior. These individuals and this group are unapologetic Nazis, KKK, cops, and whatever other white supremacist groups they comprise. These types kill black people for sport and get sexual pleasure from doing it or watching it.

Not much has changed from the 1930s…

…to 2014. We love you Brother Mike Brown. #Ferguson

White liberals are far more dangerous because of their well-organized public relations campaigns. Liberals have effectively convinced a large number of black America that homosexual culture is the most righteous way to live. President Barack Obama and his wife facilitated that entire agenda.

Liberals have convinced a large percentage of black men that exhibiting innate male behavior is “toxic masculinity.” Liberals also discourage firearms. They love effeminate, obedient black men.

White liberals make stars out of black men who do the LGBT religion (e.g. Michael Sam). Homosexual white males have been obsessed with black penises for centuries. They raped enslaved black men regularly. Meanwhile homosexual white women need black women today for decoration, staging, subterfuges and homosexual sex.

Malcolm X warned black people about white liberals way back in the 1960s:

“The white Liberal differs from the white Conservative only in one way; the Liberal is more deceitful, more hypocritical, than the Conservative. Both want power, but the White Liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the Negro’s friend and benefactor and by winning the friendship and support of the Negro, the White Liberal is able to use the Negro as a pawn or a weapon in this political football game, that is constantly raging, between the White Liberals and the White Conservatives. The American Negro is nothing, but a political football.”

Here are the other three key bonding principles of intersectional white supremacy.

Zionists are the supreme gods

It’s frankly pathetic and cringe-worthy at this point watching white liberals and white conservatives battle each other over who loves Israel more. White Americans continually and shamelessly call their white imperialist gods in Palestine “jews” even though their own Torah says Ashkenazi “Jews” (over-privileged white people worshiped like gods by other white people) are Gentiles.

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There’s no definitive answer as to why a vast majority of white America worships and loves Zionists – trans-jews who support and/or live in the apartheid imperial colony of “Israel.” The genocide of Palestinians by Zionists is simply dismissed as “fake news” by white America. The Talmud clearly states, “[Zionists] may use subterfuges to circumvent a goy.” Baba Kamma 113a. It also states, “If a [Zionist] murders a goy there will be no death penalty.” Sanhedrin 57a. It appears the two white American tribes are simply playing monkey see, monkey do, emulating their Zionist gods as best they can.

There are two really good books that can help you draw your own conclusions as to the worship of Zionist by white Americans: The Invention of the Jewish People by University of Tel Aviv professor, Dr. Shlomo Sand; and The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt.

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It really doesn’t matter why white people love Zionist white people like gods. Just stay armed and ready.

Cops are the new Jesus

IWS in one photo.

It’s become abundantly clear that cops could rape and kill some whiteboy’s own mother; and the whiteboy will find a way to blame his mom. There’s really no need to elaborate further here. Cops are the domestic enforcers of white supremacy, so it makes perfect sense why The 80% love them.

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Sure white liberals will regurgitate all their “this is ridiculous,” “the cop should be fired,” and other fake outrage quotes whenever someone is killed by cops. But ultimately they are white and know their affiliation. The badges and blue costumes replaced the white sheets and burning crosses in the mid-1900s.

White imperial media like Fox News often repeat the fact that more white people are killed by cops than black people, apparently in an attempt to create some distracting, manipulative narrative. Our sister website has been covering police state murders since 2007 and, just from a quick glance, 55-60% of the stories published therein involve white victims. We are a black-owned website.

Fact remains what white people view other white people being killed by cops as collateral damage to maintain white supremacy and keep black people subjugated. Cops are their new Jesus, and he (they) can do no wrong.

The Military Card

This one is the most confusing because the Nazi tribe’s current god, Donald Trump, has been the most disrespectful U.S. President towards military in history. Yet they love Trump unconditionally.

The reality is that people join military because they have no better prospects in life. It is a minimum wage job that will permanently damage your mind, dismember you, or kill you, all while fighting for the interests of Zionist Israel, but under the guise of “patriotism.” Some young people join the military because they see how white Americans universally fawn over the idea of military and “the troops.” It’s a quick, easy route to feel like something special and be revered as a hero, if only for a short while.

All the military love only lasts until said troops are deployed. Once they get back, all that fake love disappears and they become homeless and/or have no resources for medical care. Bottom line is that war is the ultimate porn for white Americans. There’s no telling how many of them had sex and/or masturbated while watching that Chris Kyle movie. Cops have surpassed military as far as the god hierarchy for white Americans. But military and war remain primary tenets of intersectional white supremacy.

Mass Manipulation Of Black People

Republicans like regurgitating the talking point that “we freed the slaves” so black people should love us. They are referring to Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which freed a grand total of zero enslaved human beings. Lincoln also made perfectly clear that if he could save the Union without going to war with the Confederacy to end slavery, he would have. Republicans do correctly (and far too often) point out Democrats started the original KKK. But they deliberately fail to mention that their cult makes up most of the current KKK (cops).

While the two white tribes throw varying sizes of gold bars at Zionists to gain their love and acceptance, they throw bread crumbs at black people and argue over which tribe’s crumbs are better. The 13th Amendment was carefully written so slavery of black people would go on.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

The 13th Amendment created the “U.S. Justice System” and the prison industrial complex. The U.S. Civil War was never going to end without some type of compromise. Intersectional white supremacy was the great compromise. Confederate white people wanted to retain their torture, murder, manipulation and enslavement rights of black people. They get that through private for-profit prisons, cops and “stand your ground” laws. Union white people wanted to retain the original racism – homosexuality and pedophilia – over black people.

White males have been obsessed with the black male penis for centuries, whether its castrations, porch-monkey shows (forcing enslaved black men at gunpoint to perform live homosexual porn for drunk whiteboys), raping black boys/men in front of their families, etc. Its heartbreaking to imagine the mental anguish and physical torture black men and boys endured from white imperial homos for more than 300 years.

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Some of the male house slaves became voluntary homosexual sex toys for their white male masters to escape the cotton fields, whip, and other torture, while getting special privileges like extra food and a room inside the house. They chose homosexuality versus field slavery, but really had no choice and knew no better. This mentality, like the house negro, buck, and bed wench mentalities, still unfortunately exist today among a majority of black people. White imperialists raped and tortured enslaved black women as well, more so than men and boys. The imperial Euros then raped, tortured, and trafficked their own offspring of rape for profit.

Today, after nearly five centuries of conditioning, rape, and manipulation, most diaspora Africans in America have surrendered. They believe one of those four aforementioned roles are their only purposes in life. Yearning white acceptance has become a reflex for the vast majority of black Americans because most black people’s paychecks and well-being come from white people.

A vast majority of black Americans go out of their way to love other people and cultures, while hating their own people and culture as a result of this centuries-long conditioning. There is no other race of people on Earth that covets and lusts the acceptance and admiration of other races, but not their own. White people have continually profited off black culture long after they stopped directly profiting from slavery as well.

Its safe to say 55-60% of black Americans are willing, proud foot soldiers for the white LGBT tribe. They believe this is why they were put on Earth; that homosexual culture is divine and righteous. The whole LGBT thing is so manipulative that a true statement, “Black Lives Matter,” became a social media hashtag that was/is a white liberal homosexual front group that helped 3-4 black homosexuals (DeRay something, Alicia something, etc.) build brands and make millions between them, profiting off dead black men killed by cops.

These types even disparage black men and women on social media for being together, calling it “patriarchy.” Their whole goal is to drive wedges between the nuclear black family. Its one thing to be black and homosexual; its another thing to be black, homosexual, and commit your entire existence to furthering white liberal agendas.

It simply makes no sense to support white liberal anti-gun legislation when the history of “gun control” has always been to keep guns away from black people so they are easier to manipulate. All more gun control will accomplish is making it harder for black people to get guns, while the people liberals allegedly want to disarm are already heavily-armed. Once the Nazi Trump tribe decides to execute the proverbial “race war,” black liberals are apparently going to rely on tutus and pussy hats made of Kevlar for protection, or are going to call cops who get paid vacations for killing them.

Another 10%, and perhaps upwards of 15%, of diaspora Africans in America play proud, willing shoulder monkeys for the Nazi tribe. But this number seems to be rising thanks to Democrats and their focus on LGBT and emasculation. Since many black people believe Republican or Democrat are their only two choices, they gravitate to the right. Only about 30% of black America in 2019 has managed to ward off mass subterfuge and would make Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Dr. Khalid Muhammad, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Patrice Lumuba, Thomas Sankara, et al. proud today.

Black women have always been the rock of black identity and families, but no more

Today, sadly, black women in power are mostly white accessories pushing white agendas. First, let’s give it up for the strong, powerful black women of the 21st century who used/are using their positions of power for the betterment of black people.

Omarosa Manigault-Newman has earned some respect for playing the mole role and figuratively kicking the top white supremacist Nazi of the 21st century in the balls. She risked her life and well-being to expose everything she could about Trump. It was admirable. Sure, she spent most of her life as a Trump surrogate. But she put her money on the line to play the “spook” if you will. She’s a beautiful, strong black woman.

There’s also Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who may be the bravest black woman in Washington, D.C. She straight-up told white America – the left wing ones and the right wing ones – that their sick-puppy-like obsession with Zionist Israel and their desperate yearning for Zionist love, is pathetic. Now she is under constant attack from both the Trump tribe and Democrats, particularly Steny Hoyer and Nancy Pelosi. It doesn’t matter what else the beautiful Mrs. Omar does for the rest of her life. She is a true sister for exhibiting this kind of courage in this Zionist-worshiping cesspool called USA.

Finally, there is the beautiful Marilyn Mosby. The State’s Attorney for Baltimore immediately threw up her fist after the election. Mosby prosecuted the police thugs who murdered Freddie Gray, knowing there would be ridiculous backlash from the white copsucking community. The odds were heavily against conviction, but Mosby had to do something as a young, black woman elected to such an important position. Mosby then vacated 5,000 possession of marijuana convictions – with most of the victims being black – and said her office would no longer prosecute simple possession.

Female black liberal manipulation army

Mosby is important to mention in this article because two other black women have been in similar positions of great power and importance, but used/are using it to advance white liberal agendas. That Kim Foxx character was elected as State’s Attorney in Chicago in 2018.

Kim Foxx and Kamala Harris smiling at their success in advancing white liberalism.

Her first major headline: dropping legitimate charges against a histrionic homo actor named Jussie Smollett, who yearns white liberal acceptance more than air and water.

Keep in mind, Pelosi has a son named Alex who now calls himself “Alexandria” and a “woman,” which explains a lot of her actions.

Its pretty clear that two other pet black liberals – Kamala Harris (former California Attorney General) and Michelle Obama – teamed up with Foxx to make this happen, along with their other black liberal accessory, Cory Booker.

The goal of these black liberal accessories is equating homophilia with being black. Their white liberal masters feed them dog biscuits as a reward. Harris, Obama, Booker, Foxx, et al. have done a great job convincing a large number of black people of this demented, disturbing subterfuge. UPDATE: Michelle Obama equates divorced dads to Donald Trump, again doing their best to attack men, manhood, and fatherhood – the crux of toxic feminism.

Speaking of Harris, she also protected criminal banksters like Steven Mnuchin from prosecution, aided and funded the prison industrial complex in locking up thousands of black people and using them for slave labor, never prosecuted ONE killer cop in the police thug capital of the world (California), and of course fucked her way to her first government job. Further, Harris only claims to be black when it’s convenient. Otherwise, she is “Indian,” according to herself and MSNBC marionettes.

Given all the aforementioned, it doesn’t help that Harris’s husband is white. She could maybe get away with that if the rest of her life wasn’t blatant liberal cooning. It’s obvious that Foxx is angling for a potential U.S. Attorney General job if Harris wins the Presidency in 2020.

Trump’s black female show dogs

Trump administration “black” Lynne Patton agrees to play stage prop for whiteboy Mark Meadows in front of Congress and millions of TV viewers.

It’s not even clear what the point or purpose is for these coons working to advance Nazi agendas.

Candace Owens, Diamond and Silk.

Perhaps they serve as some creepy fetish dolls for whiteboys. All they do for love from the Nazi tribe is act like buck-dancing minstrel show coons, talk bad about Obama, and other black people. They have to be making good money. There’s really no other explanation for them doing this and further elaboration is not needed. Cooning for cash is a real phenomenon in the USA, and they at least have to be getting something good out of the deal.

Don’t forget the black male coons

It’s not fair, however, to completely blame the demise of diaspora black America on black women. Barack Obama laid the foundation for this entire emasculation agenda for black people. He blatantly lied to everyone before and during his first Presidential campaign.

Intersectional white supremacy was always here, but Obama made it trendy. Black people must yearn white acceptance for IWS to work. Obama used his power to emasculate millions of black men, doing the Euros a huge favor. Obama kissed white ass like a champion. He made black people believe that being weak, obsequious and acquiescent leads to success, prosperity, and self-respect.

Virtually every prominent black man on TV news and shows are homos and/or emasculated coons. Jason Whitlock, Stephen A. Smith, Don Lemon, Charles Payne, Van Jones, etc. Even entertainers like Kanye “slavery was a choice” West are getting in on the coon game.

Sports commentator Jason Whitlock was the brother everyone would invite to their barbecues 10 years ago. Today he is one of the lead buck dancers on Coon Train. Charles Barkley essentially said Trayvon Martin deserved to be stalked and murdered by a mutt-white thug. He also said “I support cops no matter what,” and put on dresses, makeup, and wigs for money. That is the epitome of coonin’ for cash.

Though credit must be given where its due. The brother Shannon Sharpe is ok. Of course Colin Kaepernick is the 21st century Muhammad Ali for sacrificing millions from the NFL on principle, and still coming out on top. The brother Tariq Nasheed patrols social media and does an admirable job keeping the last 30% of true black America engaged and ready despite relentless attacks from IWS.

Intersectional white supremacy (IWS) will grow

The four tenets of intersectional white supremacy are:

  • Unconditional love and welfare for Zionist Israel
  • Cops are gods (because they are domestic white supremacist enforcers)
  • Military are gods (because they are foreign white supremacist enforcers)
  • Blacks are tools for social and political agendas

Left and right wing white supremacy have their individual rules and regurgitated rebuttals. Both tribal dogmas require adherents to check reality at the door. Bruce Jenner and Bradley Manning are “women” to white liberals. If you point out the common sense, obvious fact that they are men (one with like six kids by like three women), you are first a “bigot,” then you are “gay too,” before all-out name-calling commences.

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Trump Republicans have came up with something called “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” or TDS, which they label anyone who doesn’t view Trump as the supreme leader. You can show video of Trump mocking a disabled reporter; his disciples will say “he’s not mocking him – FAKE NEWS.” There’s also the reverse-psychology “Democrat plantation” line they use on black people. White Americans loyal to the GOP or Democrats are simpletons, but that is nothing new. They’ve each turned their black pets into simpletons as well.

The 80% of white people adhering to IWS is expanding further. The Nazi tribe is fine with liberals emasculating black men. They are fine with making black women sleep with other women, and keeping all black people unarmed and ignorant about guns. This destroys the nuclear black family. It soothes white people’s biggest fear – black coup that leads to white people suffering all the same things they’ve done to black people. Intersectional white supremacist social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook don’t even hide their agendas. They want to destroy the nuclear black family, emasculate all black men, and divide black women and men altogether.

Liberals admire the black Nazi coons because they provide fodder to display to their black recruits.

There is about 20% of white America not adhering to IWS. They are rare, few, and far between. It’s frankly not worth trying to find them. They cannot and/or do not want to do anything tangibly-positive about the current conditions anyway. It is pretty fascinating when you do meet one of these rare white people. Regardless, it’s best for true black folks to simply arm themselves, stay true to themselves,  and be prepared for martyrdom. The white LGBT cult revere their black liberal coons. The Nazi Trump cult are the proud owners of obsequieous, obedient coons.

The 30% of true Black Americans are on our own. We prefer it that way.


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