Marysville Shooting Hoax: Another Sloppy “Active Shooter Drill” By Government

October 24, 2014

This is what a "SWAT active shooter drill" looks like...except it isn't a drill.

This is what a “SWAT active shooter drill” looks like…except it isn’t a drill.

MARYSVILLE, WASH. — Sandy Hook was amateurish. 9/11 was sloppy. Now this latest government-orchestrated shooting might top both of them.

By now you’ve heard about the shooting this afternoon at Marysville-Pilchuck High School in Marysville: a town of 60,000 residents about 45 miles northeast of Seattle. But once again, with the New World Order already upon us, its just another poorly-executed government false flag.

The ‪‎Marysville‬, Wash. School District announced YESTERDAY, on its own website, that there would be a “SWAT training drill” at the school today. Here’s the screenshot of the Google results yesterday when you searched “Marysville Police SWAT training.”


The bulletin was taken down this morning, and replaced with a bulletin saying the school is closed due to an “emergency situation.”


Not to mention, the Bellingham Herald reported this past Wednesday, October 22, that there would be an “active shooter drill” at nearby Ferndale, Wash. High School on Thursday.


We’re still gathering information, including more on the patsy kid, Jaylen Fryberg, who government and their state-run media are calling the shooter. FYI, there are two gun control initiatives on the Washington ballot in November.

We’ll continue to update this story all weekend and as we get more info. A comrade website is also on the story.


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(March 20, 2014).


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