Lights, Camera, Action: Portland Cop Hugging Devonte Hart Exposed

December 1, 2014

UPDATED March 31, 2018: Jen and Sara Hart drove their SUV off a cliff on the Pacific Coast Highway in Mendocino County, California, at 90 miles per hour, killing themselves and six adopted black kids.

The most [in]famous kid is of course Devonte Hart. He’s the hug-a-cop kid in the photo below, embracing Portland white supremacist cop Brett Barnum. The two white females who were Devonte’s “parents” were in a homosexual marriage, with one of them having a previous arrest for domestic violence.

These crazy white liberal females are just as demented as right-wing white males. If they wanted to kill themselves like in “Thelma and Louise”, then do it. Every human being has the right to live or die whenever they want. But these white homosexual monsters murdered six black kids in the process of their selfish, 15-minutes-of-fame moments.

There have been many white people, particularly celebrities, adopting black kids ever since the “Diff’rent Strokes” started the trend in the 1980s. Madonna and Angelina Jolie adopted black kids and made it fashionable and cool in the 1990s and 2000s. Charlize Theron adopted a black boy from South Africa and now dresses him up like a girl. Jolie dresses her daughter like a boy.

Perhaps (but doubtful) some of these white females mean well. But these two Hart women posted videos on Instagram of Devonte Hart in his underwear, doing some homo-pedo-looking ballet dance. It should be noted that they first posted this video within 45 days after the hug-a-cop photo went viral.

They were grooming him to be a homo and a coon, like Theron is doing her adopted black son. Jolie is just raising and grooming homosexual white kids.

White America tried to make this hug-a-cop photo into an “all lives matter,” white talking point. But it was really a young black kid begging white cops to save him from his crazy white homo-female “moms.” But manipulation of black people by white oppressors is a right that cops protect for other white people.

Our thoughts are with the children.

Oregon Live Story here about the crash.

UPDATED MARCH 25, 2015: Adaisha Miller shot and killed by Detroit Cop while trying to hug him.

Adaisha Miller

Staged Devonte Hart “hug a cop” photo (below) gets global dissemination; Adaisha Miller was shot and killed by an off-duty Detroit cop while trying to hug him on June 8, 2012.

Portland cop Bret Barnum hugging Devonte Hart.

Portland cop Bret Barnum hugging Devonte Hart.

PORTLAND — State-run media have run this photo ad nauseum with captions like “photo tells poignant story” and “emotional hug goes viral” in the wake of Ferguson cop Darren Wilson being cleared of any charges for killing unarmed Michael Brown. But all of said media fail to tell the story of both the cop and kid involved.

Let’s start with the comedic hypocrisy of Portland cop Bret Barnum. It was discovered in the past 24 hours that Barnum “liked” both his friend’s “I am Darren Wilson” photo on Facebook, and the “I Support Darren Wilson” page on Facebook. Drexel University professor George Ciccariello was the first to begin disseminating this information.


Barnum and Richard Storm, the cop who posted the “I am Darren Wilson” photo that Barnum “liked,” have both deactivated their Facebook accounts. Storm was actually ordered by his commanders to remove his page, the same commanders who told local media that Storm would be banned from working any of the protests after the Ferguson decision. But Storm was in fact the “arresting officer” of four people arrested during protests on Friday, November 29.

Barnum, the “loving, altruistic” cop, also tasered a man he pulled over for lack of insurance after the driver “looked at him the wrong way” in July of 2003.

And now to 12-year-old “black” Devonte Hart. He was adopted at the age of 5, along with his two siblings, by Jen and Sarah Hart; two white women in a homosexual marriage.



In other words, the kid has been groomed to be a liberal white spokesperson for two clueless women. These “mothers” irresponsibly put this kid in a dangerous situation, as these cops could have easily killed him and claimed he “assaulted a police officer” as justification. 12-year-old Tamir Rice was gunned down by Cleveland cops last week because he was carrying a toy gun that the police knew was a toy. But now it makes sense: the only way a black kid would be hugging his white imperial oppressor is through the training of his white adults who joined the fashionable “adopt black kids” trend that Madonna and Angelina Jolie started.

We can’t say for sure that this whole thing is a Sandy Hook-like staged government event with the kid being the crisis actor. But it does in fact appear to be a pacification attempt to convince black Americans of the proverbial “all police aren’t bad” and to love the oppressor. But once again, this campaign was sloppy and very poorly executed.


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4 Responses to Lights, Camera, Action: Portland Cop Hugging Devonte Hart Exposed

  1. Monica says:

    These two women parade these children around and exploit them. I live in Alexandria, MN where they thought it was cute to parade them around town and showed them off. Those kids are under their care for the wrong reasons.

    • Ari says:

      I know the Hart family and that is not the case… The whole family passed away in a car accident last night and this is a serious loss in our community and the world. I have had blessing to receive a hug on many occasions and WOW…

      I love you Monica.

    • Garrett says:

      unfortunately you were right.. RIP to the children

  2. Sara Jo Bergbom says:

    These kids are now dead. Family murder/suicide.

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