Las Vegas False Flag: Craigslist Ad for Crisis Actors Posted Two Weeks Ago

October 2, 2017 (last updated October 10 at 7:45 p.m. Pacific Standard Time; REFRESH THE PAGE)

Crisis actors smiling as alleged “shooting” is taking place

UPDATED OCTOBER 10 – 7:45pm Pacific: The top six floors (including the 32nd) of Mandalay Bay are actually a Four Seasons Hotel. The Saudi “royal family” owns 47.5% of it, and Bill Gates owns 47.5%. There is a private-access elevator to get to the top floors, and also a service elevator for the entire building. Interestingly, Steve Wynn, of Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas, suggested that Stephen Paddock may have used the service elevator to get the guns in the building.

No law enforcement have said anything about this.

Some believe that the guns were actually brought down from the top floors to the 32nd floor, which is why there is absolutely no surveillance video showing Paddock or anyone else carrying large suitcases that could potentially be full of guns and ammo. Keep in mind, 90% of the 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, yet Saudi Arabia is/was not included in Trump’s Muslim travel ban. We’ll continue to update as we learn more.

UPDATED OCTOBER 7 – 3:15pm Pacific: REAL raw video finally starting to surface. Real people are heard saying the gunshots are “fake” and that the noise was coming from the sound system. There are zero bloody bodies or anyone being hit by bullets in any of these raw clips. More to ponder.

UPDATED OCTOBER 4 – 3:45pm Pacific: Just another tidbit. Either Paddock is a 4chan users and warned everyone three weeks prior, or some other government employee grew a conscience before it happened.

UPDATED OCTOBER 4 – 2:45pm Pacific: We’re not exactly sure how this all ties into the situation. But patsy Stephen Paddock once had a single-engine Cessna airplane registered in his name.

He first registered it in Henderson, Nev. in 2006. He then registered it in Mesquite, TX (not Mesquite, Nev., his last town of residence) in 2007. The plane is now de-registered, according to the FAA, with the last known registrant being someone named Wesley Phillips, who lived on a military base in San Diego. But according to private aviation site FlightAware (see above screenshot), the last known registrant was Volant LLC, a US government defense contractor.

Mainstream media have said Paddock had no military training. But a few bloggers believe he was in the Air Force long enough not only to obtain firearms training, but also to learn how to fly before being discharged (possibly dishonorably). It’s also being said that Paddock worked as a “defense contractor” in the 1980s, and also for the IRS for a short time thereafter. More on this as we learn it.

UPDATED October 3 – 8:15pm Pacific: An Australian man named Brian Hodge told the Courier Mail that he was staying in Room 32134 at Mandalay Bay, which is right next door to where the alleged shooter was staying – Room 32135. Hodge said he ran out of his room to safety when he heard gunshots next door, and said police killed a security guard in the hallway before entering the room of the alleged killer. The police also said in the scanner audio below that they killed a security guard.

UPDATE October 3 – 7:15pm Pacific: Here is the first legit-looking video with bloody dead bodies. The guy filming seems more concerned with becoming a Youtube star than helping people though. Watch and ponder.

UPDATE OCTOBER 3 – 12:15pm Pacific: Shots fired from 4th floor, not the 32nd floor as mainstream media are pushing? This video potentially shows shots being fired from the 4th or 5th floor. The authenticity of the video below has not been verified. The common counterargument here is that the light you see is a strobe light, not a machine gun going off.

UPDATE OCTOBER 4 – 12:15PM Pacific: We re-uploaded the muzzle flashes video from the 4th floor, as Youtube appears to be removing them. We will upload to another platform if this one is removed. Also there are people saying the Fox News video below is “proof” that the 4th floor theory is a hoax. They say the flashing blue strobe light in the Fox News video is the muzzle/bullets in the top video. You decide.

Also here are two hours of Las Vegas Police scanner audio during the shooting. The cops clearly say there is a possible second shooter several times on their radios.


Let’s just cut to the chase: 40,000 people apparently attend this country music festival in Las Vegas, but the only video of this incident is the one being shown ad nauseum in U.S. media? U.S. media are quick to show a picture of the alleged suspect’s female roommate, but not the suspect himself? Why was there a Craigslist ad posted in Las Vegas two weeks ago seeking crisis actors? Obviously the Craigslist post is no longer live, but here is the screenshot.

The world’s most prominent crisis actor company is Crisis Cast. But Crowds on Demand is the one that facilitated the Las Vegas “show.”

What we know for sure is that hundreds of thousands of people are dying of starvation and other effects of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. We know NFL players continue protesting murder with impunity by cops in the USA. These issues have been prominent news lately. What better way to deflect attention and force NFL players to standup and respect a slave anthem, while Americans forget about people dying in Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory?

Donald Trump seems to get credit for creating the term “fake news.” But this phenomenon has been around since World War I. Those willing to step away and free themselves of U.S. mind control know that the “Holocaust” was a complete production to help create the state of Israel. We now know for a fact the Gulf of Tonkin incident that ultimately sent U.S. ground troops into Vietnam was a hoax. Its readily apparent to anyone with control of their own mind and will that 9/11 was a complete orchestration by U.S. government to start perpetual war with Muslims.

U.S. Presidents have the power to kill Americans for agendas. The people of the USA are simply collateral damage for these agendas. George W. Bush killed 3,000 or so Americans via “9/11” to start his war and feed his (and Dick Cheney’s) oil empires. Barack Obama oversaw Sandy Hook, Orlando and other false flags to promote his homosexual and anti-gun agendas. Now Donald Trump needs something/anything to deflect attention from his myriad problems, including Puerto Rico, his hidden tax returns, Russia collusion, etc.

U.S. government is quite good at tugging at the emotions of Americans to control their thought processes. Many Americans want to believe that their genocidal military and cops are heroes, and that their government would never orchestrate something as heinous as 9/11, Sandy Hook, etc. They refuse to even think critically about these false flags and how easily they are manipulated by them.

Not one person is killed on this video where the alleged shooter open fire. There is no blood anywhere.

UPDATE: Youtube has removed all videos of Las Vegas shooting coverage that are not done by mainstream media as of about 9:45 a.m. Pacific. The one embedded below now gives this message when clicked.


The U.S. culture apologists  (“patriots”) will scream “conspiracy theorist” at anyone looking at these incidents objectively. REAL mass shootings with shooters with real motives are barely spoken about in media (see Omar Thornton). There is typically an unavoidable day or two of news cycle before real mass shootings that aren’t staged disappear into history.

The New York Times just wrote that editorial entitled “477 Days. 521 Mass Shootings. Zero Acts From Congress.” Granted mass shootings are nowhere near as common as Americans getting killed by cops. They happen basically everyday in the USA, but Americans are fixated, by design, on #SandyHook, #OrlandoPulse, #LasVegasShooting, #SanBernardino, Columbine, 9/11, etc.

Concert in Vegas were apparently warned 45 minutes before the shooting took place that they were “all going to die.” Not sure who this woman is, but listen for yourself.

Trump, like the last two Presidents who have used their false flag and murder privileges to accommodate agendas, should get what he is looking for here. People in Puerto Rico will now die in silence, while NFL players are likely to succumb to the phony pressure and be good little negroes again and stand up for the slave anthem. Trump is petty enough to execute a false flag to make a few millionaire black athletes bow to him.

We’ll update as we learn more. We initially left out the name of the shooter as it frankly doesn’t matter (it has since been added above). He’s just another patsy for U.S. government agendas. But he’s white and in his 60s for those who want to go the race/political route.


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5 Responses to Las Vegas False Flag: Craigslist Ad for Crisis Actors Posted Two Weeks Ago

  1. KC Gifford says:

    Stupid Americans who refuse to believe PsyOps happen – while bitching about all the “terror” demanding more gun bans – remind me of a dumb wife whose husband cheats, and when she keeps getting VD Mrs. Dingbat blames the toilet. No wonder Hillary said people are stupid and easy to manipulate – THEY ARE.

    I had to turn it off when the woman claimed: “he’s shot in the head but still breathing.” TOTAL BS. IF someone could pull off shooting targets accurately at 400+yds away at a 320ft elevation – THEY’D HAVE HOLES IN THEM. And that dude would have his brains all over that parking lot. There was NO blood or injured on scene at the time of the shooting, witnesses state that in their “survival” vids: “I don’t see anyone actually shot” as one girl filmed and another guy flipped off the “gunfire” SFX.

    Only AFTER the event did “bloody” victims show up on film looking completely orchestrated – COMMON IN PSYOPS. Las Vegas, in JFK style, had “magic” bullets shot by a mystical gunman hitting targets logistically impossible to make with the guns described. go figure-

    Let’s just say people could get shot by these guns at a 400yd distance & 320ft height – there’s be massive puddles of blood everywhere! Plus, with 600 people shot the screams alone would have sounded like you opened the gates of hell. None of that is present in ANY video taken during the shooting sounds. This “massacre” is total bullshit, and the only things that “died” are those crisis actor’s careers. They were terrible.

    Years ago when looking for acting gigs I stumbled upon FEMA’s “call to actors/talent” on their NSA page. I found unbelievable videos and photos of terror they’d already produced, and what was expected from the “talent” they hire. So I put it all together in a vid titled: “FEMA CAUGHT STAGING DOMESTIC TERRORISM” and put the “directives for actors/talent” in the description section. Go check it out, you’ll see THESE ARE STAGED EVENTS. And they’re spending a lot of OUR TAX $$$ to do it!!!

  2. anastasia says:

    The courts are corrupt as hell, but someone has to sue and at least try to try to stop these phony events.

  3. Bill Cooper says:

    Quick Question… In the above YT video that’s 4:34 long, At 3:55, When the guy asks, just trying to figure out who you are clearly he knows but what does he say next? Sounds like where’s your scanmate…?? Just saying…
    Anyone whos been in or around guns knows people would be losing there shit if all that was going on..eerily calm

  4. Marcia Bonk says:

    I feel that when crisis actors are used in news reports, as they often are, it is perceived, and rightly so, as a red flag. In the Sandy Hook news, one of the ‘parents’ of a victim is interviewed w/ wife, AND seen in a video dressed in army gear and known as the ” sloppy soldier’ because of the way he carried his gear etc. Suspicions are appropriate

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