Black Survival: How To Easily Spot White Racist Creatures

February 11, 2017

Louisiana 19th Judicial District Judge Mike Erwin

Louisiana 19th Judicial District Judge Mike Erwin

The February 3 story about Louisiana judge Mike Erwin (pictured above) loudly calling patrons of Sammy’s Grill in Baton Rouge “nigger” several times is nothing new in the USA. He’s been a judge since 1991 and has joyously locked up black Americans in cages ever since.

This incident will serve as a lesson in survival for diaspora Afrikans in the USA from this point forward. Many racist white human-like creatures have a distinctive physical characteristic that will help you easily identify them.

Take a long, hard look at Erwin. Notice he has no lips and has a genetic predisposition to a frown on his face. White people have continually equated black people to monkeys since Europeans first infested the Afrikan continent. But the truth of the matter is, Erwin and others like him are as close to monkeys as humans can get.

White monkey lips

Further, it is no coincidence that these monkey-type white “people” are also predispositioned for primitive, savage behavior. It’s easy to identify these types by the natural frown and/or no lips.


Strom Thurmond, the former U.S. Senator from South Carolina and a hero to the Confederate/KKK/Trump cause, is not only lip-less, but also raped his 16-year-old black maid and had a child with her.


Some would argue that Michael Dunn, who murdered 17-year-old Jordan Davis in Jacksonville, Florida in 2012 over “loud thug music,” is smiling in his mugshot. Again, the natural frown is a dead giveaway to these human-like creatures’ wild chimp behavior.


William Pulliam, after he murdered 15-year-old James Means in Charleston, West Virginia last November, summed it up this way: “that’s another piece of trash off the streets.” The natural frown; no lips.


Dan Patrick, the Republican Lieutenant Governor of Texas, has not only been extremely vocal about his hatred of black people, but also wants all Mexicans out of Texas. Most regular human beings couldn’t make this type of frown even if they tried. His is natural and of course, he has no lips.

There are plenty of other prominent white human-like creatures who fit the physical and social descriptors herein.

Ryan TrumpBannon

It should be the natural reaction of black people to fear for their lives when they see these types. You should be ready to defend yourselves immediately, particularly if you encounter a cop that has these characteristics. Get in fight or flight mode, or risk losing your life and becoming a statistic in America.

Protect yourselves and be safe!


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