5 Intelligence-Insulting Observations That Expose Government-Orchestrated Orlando Pulse Shooting

June 19, 2016 (updated April 14, 2020)

"Grieving mother" Christine Leinonen smiles ear-to-ear while talking about alleged "dead son" Christopher "Drew" Leinonen.

“Grieving mother” Christine Leinonen smiles ear-to-ear while talking about alleged “dead son” Christopher “Drew” Leinonen.

Only in America can 20 people (then it was 50, then they settled on 49) be killed and left-right politics dominates the discussion. A June 17 Gallup poll found that 79% of Republicans blame “terrorism” for the shooting, while 60% of Democrats blame a lack of gun control. There’s also been a lot more “gay oppression” conversation in media and the blogosphere as a result of this episode.

The bottom line, just like with Sandy Hook, 9/11 and all these other government-orchestrated shootings, is that they rely on mass gullibility and inertia to pull them off. Conversations about gun grabs, homosexuality and boogeyman Muslims keep the meter moving among the American populace, so this shooting accomplished three things in one. But only the completely naive and U.S. government apologists believe this was a spontaneous event done by a “terrorist.” These five observations are sure to open your eyes if you read them objectively.

“Shooter” Omar Mateen Is Really Bad Actor

Omar Mateen IMDB

Robbie Parker probably is still the most infamous of bad crisis actors as he laughed and smiled before trying his best to squeeze out fake tears for his allegedly dead daughter after Sandy Hook. It takes only a simple Google search (novel concept) to find the IMDB profile of Omar Mateen, the alleged “jihadist, terrorist, ISIS, horrible” shooter. The screenshot above was taken on June 14. Since then the page has been completely scrubbed, particularly his filmography.

One of his movies is “The Big Fix,” a 2012 documentary about the BP oil spill. He was a guard for security firm G4S,  which is contracted by the Department of Homeland Security to guard U.S. nuclear facilities and find/kill “terrorists.” Coincidentally or otherwise Kevin James Loibl, the guy who killed singer Christina Grimmie the day before the Orlando shooting, also worked for G4S. The director of “The Big Fix” secretly recorded Mateen and ultimately credited him for the role he played. Here is a clip below (NOTE: we downloaded it as we’re sure it will be removed from the internet in due time).

UPDATE June 21, 2016: As anticipated the Youtube video was removed one day after we published this article. We’ve now uploaded it on Vimeo below.

UPDATE April 14, 2020: Vimeo removed our profile after we reported on the story of the seven children in Senegal dying from Bill Gates vaccines. We re-uploaded the Mateen video to Bitchute.

Mateen’s father, Seddique Mir Mateen, also has connections to the CIA, according to investigative journalist Wayne Madsen. Per his report:

Seddique Mir Mateen is part of a pro-Taliban network of Afghan and Pakistani propagandists who use the television and radio networks funded by the CIA-influenced Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) to spread their messages to audiences throughout the world. Mateen hosts a television show called the Durand Jirga Show, which is funded through his Durand Jirga, Inc., a Florida not-for-profit corporation based in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Mateen’s program is broadcast by Payame Afghan out of Los Angeles, which is also the home to a number of CIA- and VOA-subsidized satellite broadcasts in the Farsi language to Iran.

Witness: Four People Were Involved In Shooting

No real analysis is needed here. The witness played dead for three hours while the shooting was taking place to save his life. He is not identified in this ABC interview, but he clearly says he overheard the shooter (Mateen) say “there were three other shooters” and one female “with a bombing vest.” Why haven’t authorities and mainstream media investigated these other individuals Mateen allegedly identified?

Google, Several News Sources Reported Shooting BEFORE it Happened

An article published on the Sun-Times Network reported on the Orlando shooting the day it happened. Unfortunately whoever is in charge of publishing content in conjunction with CIA false flag operations had an itchy trigger finger (no pun intended) when it came to pressing the publish button. A Google cache search the night of the shooting actually shows the story published on June 11 at 8 p.m., or about six hours before it happened. Screenshot is below.

Orlando Shooting before it happened

Of course the date has been revised now that several people noticed it. A site search of atlanta.suntimes.com even right now still says the article was published on June 11. Do it yourself to see with your own eyes.

Google Orlando 2

Witness Luis Burbano also an actor; admitted assisting Mateen

Burbano has been interviewed by several “mainstream” networks as a witness to the shooting. Of course he also has an IMDB resume, but that’s just the beginning with this guy.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 1.46.40 PM

Burbano spoke with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly after the shooting. The most interesting, mea culpa part of this video is when he admits “holding the exit door shut” so people could not get out of the night club as bullets were flying. When Kelly pressed him on the revelation, he obviously and awkwardly pauses in discomfort and clearly looks down at a cue card he’s holding to determine what he’s supposed to say next.

A witness also told the Palm Beach Post that Burbano was yelling “stay inside” as he was holding the door closed.

Further one of Burbano’s movie credits on IMDB was coincidentally or otherwise a 2015 video called “Spirit of Orlando: Shooting Up.” The Wayback Machine, an internet archive website, says there are six historical captures (as of publishing) of his page in its databases. But there are only captures from May 23, 2010, then June 14, 2016 (filmography does not show Spirit of Orlando); then June 15 and 16, 2016 as of publishing both show “Spirit Of Orlando,” The latest one on June 18 does not show “Spirit.”

Some have speculated that the movie was added after the shooting to reinforce a conspiracy and was subsequently removed to correct the dialogue. But the Wayback Machine says there should be six captures, but only five are there. Where is the last one?

“Queen” Elizabeth Blood Sacrifice On Her Two Birthdays

Those truly in tune with esoteric knowledge of the so-called Illuminati know that Elizabeth Windsor, the British monarch, celebrates her birthday twice. April 21 is her real birthday and June 11 is her observed birthday.

These “elites” typically perform blood sacrifices anytime during those two weeks around her real birthday and May 1, which is the pagan holy day of Beltane. If this sounds outrageous, keep in mind Prince died this year on April 21, the Columbine shooting happened on April 20, Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, Virginia Tech April 16, etc.

Not only was June 11 Windsor’s second official birthday of 2016 (and as mentioned before the accidental publishing date of the shooting on Google and elsewhere), but June 12 was also the final day of Bilderberg meetings in Dresden, Germany. Its obvious this was another blood sacrifice ritual by these NWO creatures who have much of the world’s population eating out of their hands.

There’s plenty more that exposes the Orlando shooting as a government operation, but no amount of observations will help those hopelessly holding onto the “American Dream.”

Mannequin Orlando

The screenshot above comes from this video (keep in mind we continually have to update this because the raw videos continues to be scrubbed from the internet).

How many “grieving” crisis actors must we see with fake tears and/or big smiles on their faces while talking to state-run media?

Obviously most Americans and Europeans can no longer recognize real human emotions since a vast majority of communications these days are done by text, email and social media. Its absolutely sad that these government operations can be pulled off so sloppily, yet a vast majority of Americans fail to even question the motives behind them.

Gun control, killing of Muslims and homosexuality are all initiatives the government and state-run media back. This shooting reinforced all three. A general rule of thumb to navigate this world of subterfuge and mass deceit: if government likes it, its probably bad for you and freedom at-large.


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