NBA Players Would Be More Wealthy, Independent Without “Owners”

February 3, 2012

Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant et al. would all be billionaires if Federal
Reserve System Did Not Exist.

The NBA Lockout finally concluded on December 8, 2011 after what turned out to be a comedic display of greed and privilege. But I’m not talking about the players…I’m talking about the so-called “owners.”

This latest NBA Lockout has roots back to June 30, 2005. On that day, the workers (“players”) and money-movers (“owners”) agreed on a 6-year extension of the collective bargaining settlement reached in 1999. That settlement came after the NBA lost games for the first time in its history due to a labor dispute. The workers made major concessions for the settlement to happen, including acceptance of a rookie salary cap and a maximum salary for players. The cap on salaries came one year after Michael Jordan, arguably the best ever at his craft, made $30 million and $33 million in this final two seasons (1997-98) after averaging only $3 million per in his first 11 seasons. Both sides wanted to avoid another public relations disaster and quickly reached a 6-year deal in 2005 which player retained 57 percent of basketball-related income for salaries, while the “owners” got their wish of an age-limit for draftees.

The last deal expired June 30, 2011. “Owners” claimed 22 of the 30 franchises were losing money annually, to the tune of $300 million per season under the current deal. Several reports, including those from and Deadspin disputed those figures, pointing out the “owners'” slick accounting manuevers to create what only appear to be losses. Billy Hunter, the NBA Players Association Executive Director made one simple request: open the books and prove the losses and our employees will negotiate accordingly. The NBA refused, as they knew doing so would expose their bluff (sound familiar), so the lockout commenced on July 1, 2011. And to make a long story short, the workers, once again, got “no vaselined,” accepted a “deal” which their overall cut of basketball-related income dropped from 57 percent to “49-51 percent,” while the paper money movers and commissioner David Stern turned the NBA into a complete joke and got more wealthy in the process.




Commissioner David Stern, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Miami Heat
owner Micky Arison.

NBA fans obviously know the players well. Games are televised almost daily, while the players’ personal lives are sensationalized on state-run media outlets (some by choice, others by blaxploitation…the headline in the latter link ironically is “Allen Iverson’s Earnings Garnished To Pay Back JEWeler”). But NBA fans know very little about the “owners.”

First, the obvious truth about NBA “owners” is the fact that 22 of the 30 (including Commissioner Stern, who technically owns the New Orleans Hornets) are confirmed Zionist Jews and billionaire supporters of the imperial colony they call “Israel” (and if they are not, then they can leave the correction in the comments section). In addition to the ones pictured above, the rest include Leslie Alexander of the Houston Rockets; Dan Gilbert of the Cleveland Cavaliers; Herbert Kohl of the Milwaukee Bucks; Jerry Reinsdorf of the Chicago Bulls, Bruce Ratner (minority owner) of the New Jersey Nets; Donald Sterling of the L.A. Clippers; Jerry Buss of the L.A. Lakers; Tom Gores of the Detroit Pistons; Bruce Levenson, Ed Peskowitz and Michael Gearon of the Atlanta Hawks; Stan Kroenke (who is also married to Wal-Mart’s Ann Walton) and son Josh Kroenke of the Denver Nuggets; Peter Guber and Joe Lacob of the Golden State Warriors; Robert Sarver of the Phoenix Suns; Adam Aron and Joshua Harris of the Philadelphia 76ers; Paul Allen of the Portland Trailblazers; Richard Devos of the Orlando Magic; Charles and son James Dolan of the New York Knicks; Robert Epstein and David Epstein, along with Bain Capital’s (but not necessarily Zionist) Stephen Pagliuca of the Boston Celtics; Herb Simon of the Indiana Pacers; and Larry Tanenbaum (Maple Leaf Sports and Kilmer Sports) of theToronto Raptors.

Black Eye News cannot confirm one way or another whether or not Ted Leonsis of the Washington Wizards; Clay Bennett of the Oklahoma City Thunder; George, Joe, Gavin and Adrienne Maloof of the Sacramento Kings; Michael Heisley of the Memphis Grizzlies; and Glen Taylor of the Minnesota Timberwolves are part of the Zionist cabal. The only three who are definitely NOT members are Michael Jordan of the Charlotte Bobcats, Greg Miller of the Utah Jazz and Peter Holt of the San Antonio Spurs.

So why is the fact these “owners” are part of the Zionist Israeli cult significant? Zionist Jews, mostly Ashkenazi (European and/or Turkish…non-semitic), make up only 2 percent of the entire United States population, but own upwards of 70 percent of all U.S. wealth. State-run U.S. media and “mainstream” America frequently point out the fact that most NBA players are “black” so the racial/national identity of the “owners” is also relevant. Not only does this Israeli mafia (or monarchy, depending on your point of view) own all U.S. sports (do your own research on NFL, NHL and MLB owners), but also own virtually all U.S. media, and have exclusive statutory control of printing and manipulating the value of U.S. paper dollars via their private, for-profit Federal Reserve (which may as well be called “the Bank of Israel”). Ben Shalom Bernanke, Alan Greenspan and Paul Volker, the last three Federal Reserve Chairmen, are all Zionist Jews, as are most of the board members.

Many “mainstream” Americans get extremely upset when the Zionist monarchy is talked about in any way, and the monarchy itself knows its media can simply tag someone with the “anti-semite” card when their greed, power and manipulation agendas are brought to light. 30-year Israeli Knesset (Congress) member Shulamit Aloni admits this much.


It was reported during the lockout that Stern pointed his finger and shouted at Miami Heat guard Dwayne Wade. Wade responded by telling Stern “don’t you point your fingers at me…I’m not your child!” This was back when the “owners” were pushing their “take it or leave it” 46 percent cut of basketball-related revenue going to players. Because the players have this collective belief and acquiescence to the idea that they need the brand name, lore and facilities of the NBA to make a lot of money, the players were in fact forced to take a deal which was far more favorable to the 30 “owners.”

Fast forward to this week, when Fed Chairman Bernanke, who is not an elected official in the United States, told “our” U.S. Congress that he will unilaterally make policies that he believes will stimulate the U.S. housing market and economy overall. Congressman Scott Garrett, R-N.J., pointed out to Bernanke, at a House Budget Committee hearing yesterday, that the Federal Reserve was overstepping its power by legislating economic policy. Bernanke aloofly apologized, but the policy is now official U.S. “law” regardless.

The “owners” of the United States Congress (Bernanke and the Fed) can and will force their wills onto their subjects, despite dissent from the Congressional “players.” NBA players succumb the same way to their “owners.” The only difference is that the Fed and Congress are manipulating trillions of dollars on a macroeconomic scale effecting every American, while the Bank of the NBA (“owners”) are manipulating billions for 430+ gifted human beings who don’t really need a middleman to make millions…or even billions. And the fact of the matter is, the “owners” of both the U.S. Congress and NBA players are all the same people; part of the same cabal.


Just as the United States would be far better off if our Congress would get rid of the USA’s owners by repealing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, NBA players would also be far more wealthy, influential and groundbreaking in their communities without “owners.” Several NBA players learned they can make very nice incomes by playing basketball anywhere on the globe, as the sport is fast creeping up on soccer as the world’s favorite. New York Knicks power forward Amare Stoudemire suggested during the lockout that players should simply start their own league, though he never elaborated much on the idea. The fact remains that fans pay high ticket prices not to see Mark Cuban or Jerry Buss, but to see Dirk Nowitzki and Kobe Bryant do their craft.

Professional basketball players could choose to be world travelers, making good money doing what they love, and being respected and revered by many. They could also heed Stoudemire’s advice and just start their own league. Since they already have the capital, all they need is a rough blueprint for building the league which will free them from ever having to refer to someone as their “owner” again.

There are many NBA players and other “black” millionaires and billionaires who have, say, $1 million lying around to invest in a franchise of their own. The investment would go to buying an acre or two of land which an outdoor court and bleachers can be built (all relatively cheap). In colder-weather cities, those who want to invest a little more can have indoor arenas via rental of a local community center or building their own. The added element of some franchises having outdoor courts and others indoors would make the game that much more intriguing.

The NBA players could not only be the best player on their own team, but be the chief executive as well. They could hire a general manager and a few others who manage the franchise, including concessions, security and media. Tickets could range hypothetically from $20-$200, with the most expensive being courtside. There could easily be 100 regional franchises with a 25-game regular season (travel would be restricted to bus rides, so teams would only play others in their geographic vicinity during the regular season). An NCAA tournament-like playoff would be held at home courts until the Final Four, which would be held at a much larger venue to bring in much larger revenues. Regular season games would be live-streamed on the internet which paid-subscribers can watch on the league’s home page, complete with advertising of local businesses, local farmers, Metta World Peace’s new album, etc.

In other words, Stoudemire could invest $1 million in his hypothetical “Stoudemire Studs” franchise, which he plays for and pays 11 other decent players with a salary cap of around $500,000. This would not only create jobs for many basketball players out of work, but concessions and other amenities would create jobs for cooks, musicians, tailors, etc…a win-win for everyone. And just think…”collective bargaining” would be TRUE bargaining, as everyone would be making good money and feeling like the same celebrities they were before by providing entertainment, jobs and an identity to inner-city or otherwise neighborhoods.

The immediate drawbacks would be that $10-plus million guaranteed salaries would be out the windows for the immediate future and state-run media time would likely be “blacked-out” (pun intended). But let’s face reality…the general sentiment of many “mainstream” Americans towards NBA players is, to put it mildly, unflattering. See for yourself from these comments from various online media outlets.

By forming their own league, NBA players would not only be playing in front of fans who truly love their games and support them, but would be job creators and relevant economic factors in the USA.


I’m sure Derek Rose wants to win several championships and Dwight Howard wants to break all records for rebounds and blocked shots. But how would Rose and Howard like seeing a bank note with their names and faces on them? Because the Federal Reserve has exclusive value manipulation and printing power of U.S. dollars, those $100 million contracts the Durants, Bryants and James’ of the world sign aren’t truly worth anything near that. But if the “Fighting Derek Rose” franchise used his own paper notes backed by his own wealth, and other player’s league franchises accepted one another’s “bank notes,” the possibilities are infinite. Basketball revenue would be chump change compared to the yields a player’s league “dollar” would create.

The economics are simple, but the legislative and electoral fortitude it would take is out of their control…or is it?


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