Jodi Arias Guilty; Now Will Juan Martinez Exploit Damning Evidence Against Richard Chrisman

May 8, 2013

Prosecutor Juan Martinez (center) exploited obvious evidence to convict Jodi Arias. Do not expect the same when Phoenix killer cop Richard Chrisman’s trial starts at the end of July.

Times are good right now for Maricopa County prosecutor Juan Martinez. Fox 10 in Phoenix called him a “national celebrity” after Jodi Arias was convicted of first-degree murder this afternoon. Martinez, an Arizona State University law school graduate admitted to the bar in 1984, started enjoying the glitz and glam of perpetual CNN and local media cameras a bit too much however. He was accused of prosecutorial misconduct by Arias’ defense team after signing autographs and posing for pictures with people who are his….fans?

Our sister website The OP-NAT EYE has covered from the beginning the case of former Phoenix cop Richard Chrisman, who will finally go to trial at the end of July for shooting and killing unarmed Daniel Rodriguez and his dog back on October 5, 2010.

Martinez will be the prosecutor in this case, but don’t expect the same forceful, colorful attorney you saw in the Arias case.

Equally Damning Evidence

The only people who believe Jodi Arias is not guilty are (possibly) her family, those with an IQ that’s at least two standard deviations below the mean; and men who want to have sex with her. She lied from the very beginning, ultimately admitted she lied, and did herself no favors by taking various sexually-explicit pictures and recording phone sex conversations.

Now fast forward to the murder of Mr. Rodriguez by Chrisman. Police arrived at the trailer Rodriguez lived in after his mother called them to report a disturbance. Mr. Rodriguez knew his rights and when Chrisman arrived, he told the Phoenix cop to produce a warrant or leave his property. Chrisman responded by holding a gun to Mr. Rodriguez’s head and saying, “I don’t need  no warrant motherfucker.” Chrisman then electrocuted Mr. Rodriguez a few times with their government-issued torture toys before shooting and killing Rodriguez’s dog. Mr. Rodriguez, knowing he was dealing with a deranged killer, tried to get away on his bike, but could not. Chrisman then shot and killed the young man. Sergio Virgillio, the other cop present who witnessed the murder, said in the police report that he never felt Rodriguez posed any sort of threat to the officers. Virgillo said witnessing the murder was “the worst day of his life.” Chrisman was initially charged with aggravated assault before the charge was upgraded to second-degree murder a few weeks later.

Chrisman was also caught on tape planting drugs on a homeless woman before arresting her, and according to Fox 10, has “faced discipline multiple times” during his career.

Americans and Selective Murder

The people of the United States hate killers like Casey Anthony (found not guilty), OJ Simpson (found not guilty) and Jodi Arias (guilty). But the concept of “American exceptionalism” seems to plague the general population when it comes to murder in general. Arias, citing a psychologist, said “people have a need to persecute others” and get gratification out of it. She may not be far off.

We’ve already mentioned the OP-NAT EYE, which has covered a minimum of 500 murders by American police of unarmed individuals in the past four years. The victims are generally dismissed as “thugs” or some other minoritizing pejorative by media and Americans in general. The killers are always rewarded with paid vacations by the government, and are viewed as heroes by a good majority of the public.

In other words, Americans condone murder if its done by people they are conditioned to believe have the privilege of doing so. For example, the Israeli army murdered 34 Americans back in 1967 in what can only be called a terror attack; and several Israelis were arrested in the United States shortly after 9/11 as suspects. Regardless, most Americans view the Zionist regime as a monarchy and don’t dare say anything truthful about them. Americans are also completely oblivious to the hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East who have been (for lack of better term) exterminated by Washington D.C. imperial forces since 9/11.

No Cameras, No Color For Juan

It is safe to assume that CNN will not cover the trial of Chrisman, even though the man they made a celebrity (Martinez) is the prosecutor. In fact, cameras will likely be banned from the courtroom and the entire trial will be a back-page blurb with local media. Martinez knows that he cannot convict a cop of murder and keep his job and stature. It’s already extremely rare for a cop to be charged with any crimes at all, regardless of how brutal the killings or beatings are. Convictions are even rarer, and they always result in very short jail stays or probation. Martinez will not, and cannot, be as forceful with Chrisman as he was with Arias. This would violate his oath to “the state” and frankly, its easier for him to yell at a woman in glasses than a cop. The fact that the victim is Latino – and the jury will consist of Arizonans who have repeatedly elected a sheriff who does not hide his feelings about said people; and a governor who once said Mexicans “behead” Arizonans in the desert – further guarantees the not-guilty verdict for Chrisman.

What’s Next For Martinez

Martinez may not even prosecute this case. His 15-minutes have officially began ticking and he must take full advantage to maximize his Federal Reserve note reward. Marcia Clark, the main prosecutor in the OJ Simpson murder case, took a two-year leave of absence after the acquittal before resigning with a reported $4 million book deal. Christopher Darden, the other prosecutor in the Simpson case, quit his job with the L.A. County District Attorneys Office after the acquittal and became a professor at Cal State University. He was also a media darling for cable news, frequently appearing on CNN, Fox News, Court TV and several other networks.

It would make the most (financial) sense for Martinez to “retire” now and not even place himself in a case he knows he can’t win. Americans love their police and Martinez would turn off most of his fans by even attempting to convict him. The system as a whole would also prefer not to have a new “celebrity” drawing attention to a trial that has been decided since Mr. Rodriguez’s death in 2010.

Jodi Arias has said repeatedly she would rather die than spend the rest of her life in jail. Whether its Martinez or some other prosecutor, Richard Chrisman will not have to endure either.


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6 Responses to Jodi Arias Guilty; Now Will Juan Martinez Exploit Damning Evidence Against Richard Chrisman

  1. sara says:

    You couldnt be more wrong, society is seeing the goverment and some of its officials being more dirty everyday, and WE ALL want JUSTICE!!!!! Drew Peterson, the last cop that killed his wife Vsaki ??? they are NOT getting away with it anymore, and JM is the perfect person for the job, GO JM!!!!

  2. Sandy says:

    The case is going to be livestreamed.

  3. Alan R. Feierstein says:

    The only reason I would give Jodi Arias a life sentence instead of the death sentence is that Travis Alexander showed Jodi his Pecker and told her you’re good enough to have it, but you’re not good enough to be seen with me at any tombolas of mine…So many women would be upset with this remark…She earns life in prison only..

  4. Dwight Huth says:

    The only reason Jodi was found guilty was because of the dramatic value that would not have been added if Jodi had been found guilty out right which I will get to in a minute.

    The Hughes wrote a book based off of Travis’ life, Juan wrote a book and other books based on the trial, Nurmi as well not to mention the Alexander Sibling’s Legacy Fund.
    This is called Commercial Speech or conducting the trial in such a manner that the only outcome was to ensure that books were sold.

    If Jodi had been found not guilty then none of the those books or Tanisha’s popularity would have gone very far after the trial. Who would want to read a book that was full of lies based on Jodi being found not guilty. Who would want to donate to Tanisha and the Legacy Fund? No one would.

    That is why Jodi was found guilty to add dramatic value to books being written and sold.

    Not to mention to create a jubilant fanfare for Juan’s 10th anniversary for being named Prosecutor of the Year in 1999. More fanfare for his 10th anniversary and to sell book based on.

    Now if Juan had in fact done his job and wanted the death conviction for the family then why didn’t he have the shell casing tested for latent fingerprints? Latent fingerprints can be lifted from a shell casing even after being fired. Its a low percentage but it is still possible. If Juan would have tested the shell casing for latent fingerprints then he would have found two facts. That the shell casing had belonged to the gun owned by Travis without question thus proving self defense more likely or that Juan would have found Jodi’s prints on the shell casing thus proving his theory of premeditated murder. But since Juan did not test the shell casing and based on how he tried to entrap Jodi with premeditated murder based on his theory as well as trying to trap Jodi with the obscure law about being in the home and aggressing the homeowner thus making the use the gun premeditated in his statements that Juan did not in fact test the shell casing for latent fingerprints after the casing had been fired because he could have found either Travis’ prints, Jodi’s prints, someones prints associated with Jodi who had loaded the magazine for her or that someone else separate of Travis, Jodi or being in association with Jodi had in fact shot Travis. So why didn’t Juan test the shell casing for latent prints to prove guilt right out of the door? Because he wanted to create a spectacular jubilee for himself to celebrate his 10th anniversary of being awarded Prosecutor of the Year ten years earlier.

    • Edgar Longenecker says:

      Who’s claiming that, forensics, from the FBI lab, didn’t get the print, or, that The Spaz, never, aided and abetted the concealment of it…just as he recanted the lies at law, which he orchestrated, his three stooges, alleged, epiphany, of, each stooge, finding the big star in the east, right on cue, so as to scam an interstate kidnapping at law; onle, until, five years of embezzlement of Jodis life, the Spaz, recanted. his perjurial antics at law, to, doublecross the other stooges, leaving them, to, rebut their own suborned perjuries, to, also, repudiate, the Spaz’s doublecross, to, then, all three stooges, found the big star in the east, on call, again, to, sleaze off, to soap opera two, as if, their previous lies at law, didn’t matter; and, as not one courtroom Sheeple, gasped a bleat, and, the Spaz, shucked and jived, his new pack of lies, as if, he ever had any credibility other than to hypnonauseate his carnival trick, in lieu of, evidence……….Who, ordered the prostitutor to admit perjury one, times, three, and, perjury two, times three, and, skated, because, the three million dollar bribed defense, and the braindead judge, said nothing, as aiders and abetters, of this entire soap opera…..Edgrrr……

  5. Edgar Longenecker says:

    And, not a bleat from the Conviction first, and trial last, Serial killer, Manchuriam Mobster Martinez, serial killer, carnival trick, prostitutor, at law…..officer of the Wonderland, kangaroo kourt….. Why even bother having a trial, in that twilight zone…whatwith, a three million dollar, bribed “defense,” comatosed jury, and, a braindead judge… .??? …Snidely….Edgrrr…….

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