The Corporation of The United States: Part II

October 7, 2013

Pay your tithes...or go to jail.

Pay your tithes…or go to jail.

Black Eye News stumbled across an article entitled “The United States isn’t a federal corporation” written on the FauxCapitalist blog. We wrote a related article about the issue in June of 2012. The author of the previous expanded on the meaning of his title in the corresponding comments section:

“The article is about how the United States isn’t a federal corporation — not that it’s not a corporation.”

An anonymous commenter posed the questions:

“So since we both agree that the US is in fact a corporation, what are its products exactly? Every corporation provides a product or service. What does it sell/bargain with? What is its collateral? Also, most of all, who are its shareholders because it’s definitely not the American people.”

There were no answers provided. I’d like to answer this for you.

The People Are The Products

You scan the bar code at the register to learn how much something costs at the grocery store. Every American “citizen” after 1936 was/is born with a bar code known as a “Social Security Number.” This number – which you never actually consented to obtaining; they just GAVE you one when you were born – ensures the Federal Reserve always makes money off U.S. citizens. The Fed is the private, for-profit central bank. It has owned every American citizen since President Woodrow Wilson sold them to said bank.

The Sixteenth Amendment was ratified on February 3, 1913. The short version reads as follows:

“The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”

Before this U.S. Constitutional Amendment, there was no such thing as an “income tax” because said tax (as described above) would have violated Article 1, Sec. 2 of the Constitution. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the case of Pollock v. Farmers’ Loan & Trust Company, 157 U.S. 429 (1895), that income tax was a “direct tax,” an unapportioned tax, and thus violated Article I, Sec. 2 of the Constitution. Wilson signed the Revenue Act on October 3, 1913, which for all intents and purposes, created the IRS (despite the lies Wikipedia tells you). The final step in enslaving Americans to the banksters was President Wilson signing the Federal Reserve Act, and its enactment on December 23, 1913.

States slowly started using more universal birth certificate recording methods throughout the 1920s. The Social Security Act of 1935 created the universal bar code for American chattel, during desperate Depression times when Americans would succumb to any government “help.”

The People Are the Collateral

The Federal Reserve, via its interest-collecting arm known as the IRS, is guaranteed access to the paychecks and the money of every single America worker for their entire lives. That is why the United States government gets a blank check to borrow as much money from the Fed as it could ever want. The loans are guaranteed by the lifetime labor of all American “subjects.” In fact, all U.S. workers get anywhere from 16 to 30+ percent of their paychecks withheld by the IRS before they even get their checks in their hands. Then every April, Americans must ask for a “refund” of their own money that they never gave the Fed/IRS permission to steal anyway.

These unelected, corporate banksters (Jacob Rothschild, Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan,  etc.) own America and its people under the guise of a “federal” agency.

The case of Lewis vs. United States, 680 F. 2d 1239, Ninth Circuit (1982), ruled that “the regional Federal Reserve banks are not government agencies…but are independent, privately owned and locally controlled corporations.” An unpublished Ninth Circuit opinion, McKee v. IRS; No. 04-74846; IRS No. 4036-03 (2006), also affirmed that the IRS is not a U.S. government agency. The IRS, in the McKee case, admitted that tax code was too complicated even for its own agents to understand. The Ninth Circuit ruled that since it’s too complicated for the IRS to understand its own rules, than citizens should not be reasonably expected to understand them either.

There has never been an Act of Congress giving the IRS the power to operate in the 50 states, to operate outside of Washington D.C. This violates Title 4 U.S.C. Sec. 72, making the IRS an illegal racketeering entity.

The Corporation of America’s Shareholders

The question is…who benefits from this perpetual, involuntary servitude/wage slavery of Americans? The Federal Reserve prints, values and distributes U.S. dollars unilaterally and in the best interests of its biggest shareholders. So who owns the Fed?

The Fed wants everyone to believe that it is part of the government, and is not a private, for-profit institution. The Fed deliberately uses wording similar to its tax code to confuse everyone. Shareholders consist 100 percent of private, for-profit banks, according to the Centre for Research on Globalization. The Fed does not like to talk about who exactly those banksters are.

The Federal Open Market Committee, which consists of five bankers and seven Presidential appointees, ultimately determines the macro and microeconomic destinies of every U.S. citizen. Americans are the chattel that keep the fiat dollar printing and manipulation system going strong.

Most simply accept as fact that 20 percent or more of their labor fruits must be withheld by these private banksters, who rely on this blind obedience and “patriotism” for the system to work.

We are all employees of a corporation. We are not citizens of a country and that is the reason mainstream media use the term “consumers” when referring to Americans far more than they do the word “citizens.” And now its just normal for most of the population.


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6 Responses to The Corporation of The United States: Part II

  1. AB says:

    As much as I would love to believe “This violates Title 4 U.S.C. Sec. 72, making the IRS an illegal racketeering entity.” I suspect a different interpretation holds true. The text at the link you provided states “All offices attached to the seat of government shall be exercised in the District of Columbia, and not elsewhere, except as otherwise expressly provided by law.”

    I believe that the word “offices” is in reference to an “executive position” such as a corporation has, i.e. an officer of the corporation such as chairman, president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, etc. who holds that particular office. And so, using that interpretation “headquarters” (so to speak) needs to be in DC. That doesn’t mean low level flunkies can’t operate elsewhere. They expressly provide for income taxes.

    Also I believe a different conclusion is reached by Mr. Justice White as follows. “21st. It is, I submit, greatly to be deplored that, after more than one hundred years of our national existence, after the government has withstood the strain of foreign wars and the dread ordeal of civil strife, and its people have become united and powerful, this court should consider itself compelled to go back to a long repudiated and rejected theory of the Constitution by which the government is deprived of an inherent attribute of its being, a necessary power of taxation.”

    He’s saying that this idea that taxes are unconstitutional is deplorable.

    • BC says:

      You may be correct on this point, however I suggest you research the writings of John Trowbridge in wordpress pertaining to his case-
      US v Trowbridge.
      https :/ / supremecourtcase (dot)

      You might also read Melvin Stamper, J.D. “Fruit from a Poisonous Tree”

  2. TROY BOLDEN says:

    Facts, I think the united states President should answer for what his colleges and previous leaders has done to the American people. 1000 years is to long to forget about today and tomarrow.

  3. Aundrauy smith says:

    I will become a diplomat this is the only way to fight wit respect.

  4. BW says:

    Its laughable that the average man or woman could ever understand what is or isnt right and this is espescially true when it comes to courts of law, state or federal. Then a justice says its deplorabe to say taxes are wrong, yet we are 21 trillion dollars in debt. The framers had the greatest idea the world will ever know.. Then we the people throughout time have destroyed it…The LOVE of money is the root of ALL evil….

    • Azar Yahu says:

      Of a truth… True repentance is necessary at this juncture for our deliverence but judgement must return to righteousness for all parties concerned …. Hallalu-Yahuah bshem Yahusha Ha’Mashyach Amein.

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