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The Corporation of The United States: Part II

October 7, 2013

Black Eye News stumbled across an article entitled “The United States isn’t a federal corporation” written on the FauxCapitalist blog. We wrote a related article about the issue in June of 2012. The author of the previous expanded on the meaning of his title in the corresponding comments section:

“The article is about how the United States isn’t a federal corporation — not that it’s not a corporation.”

An anonymous commenter posed the questions: Read Entire Article

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BILDERBERG 2012 THOUGHTS: The World Is A Simple Place

June 3, 2012

Such a simple world, but “they” present it as complicated.

Iran is an oil-exporting country and a member of OPEC.

OPEC as an organization agreed to only trade oil in U.S. dollars in the early 1970s. This happened at the same time President Richard Nixon and then-Federal Reserve chair Arthur Burns ended the proverbial “gold standard” for the U.S. dollar, and started the de-facto “oil standard.”

The only thing that gives paper, fiat Federal Reserve notes value is the fact OPEC member countries all agreed (by force or otherwise) to trade oil in said dollars. When Saddam Hussein and Iraq (OPEC country) threatened to stop trading in dollars, the country was invaded and he was killed. “They” used 9/11 as the excuse to invade Iraq, even though they had absolutely nothing to do with it and 15 of the 19 alleged 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Read Entire Article

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Non-Arrest Of Kony 2012 Producer Jason Russell Proves Kabbalist, War Agenda

March 18, 2012

Jason Russell: naked, masturbating in public.

“36 million views in 2 days. That’s not grassroots viral marketing, that’s CIA paid-for-ranking placement.” No Ledge, March 8, 2012.

The instant, worldwide fame 33-year-old Jason Russell has attained in the past two weeks is nothing short of spectacular. His company, Invisible Children, Inc., has produced several other films over the years, but nothing comes close to the success of the non-profit’s “Kony 2012” video, which has been viewed more than 80 million times in two weeks. The average American who knows very little about the Continent Europeans began calling “Africa” (which literally means “not cold”) thousands of years ago, ate up the well-produced video about Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony. But to those who know the history and current affairs of Africa, particularly Uganda, were instantly skeptical of the film’s intent. And now it all seems to be rearing its ugly head even to those with little knowledge of Uganda, Kony or Invisible Children. Read Entire Article

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