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Sandy Hook, Line, And Sinker: 2012 FBI Crime Report Shows Zero Killed In Newtown

September 24, 2014

NEWTOWN, CONN. — A 2013 survey conducted by Reason-Rupp about six weeks after the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, found that 52 percent of Americans believed politicians were “exploiting the tragedy” for political gain. 41 percent said Congress was acting properly.

That means 93 percent believed the premise that 20 kids and 6 adults were gunned down by Adam Lanza at a Newtown, Connecticut elementary school after he shot and killed his mother in her home earlier that morning. The FBI has now revealed the entire Sandy Hook saga was just another government false flag, like the Gulf of Tonkin incident that triggered the start of the Vietnam War. Read Entire Article

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Patent 5159703: Oliver M. Lowery And His “Silent Sound” Mind Control Weapon

March 20, 2014

The only way buildings can collapse at free-fall acceleration is via controlled demolition. Despite this scientific and common sense fact, many Americans still believe 13 Muslims with box cutters and jet fuel were responsible for bringing down three skyscrapers in New York City on September 11, 2001.

Robbie Parker, the alleged father of a supposedly deceased girl in the aftermath of Sandy Hook, was laughing and smiling a few hours after his daughter was allegedly killed. Read Entire Article

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Utah Judges Open Pandora’s Box in Gay Marriage, Polygamy Rulings

December 21, 2013 (updated December 1, 2017)

SALT LAKE CITY — U.S. District Judge Robert J. Shelby unilaterally overturned Utah’s ban on homosexual marriages Friday, opening up a Pandora’s Box many would rather stay closed.

Shelby cited the Fourteenth Amendment’s Due Process and Equal Protection clauses as reason to strike down the law in the very conservative state. Coincidentally or otherwise, U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups struck down parts of Utah’s ban on polygamy earlier this week, de-criminalizing the practice. He ruled the law violated the Freedom of Religion clause pursuant to the First Amendment. Read Entire Article

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The Corporation of The United States: Part II

October 7, 2013

Black Eye News stumbled across an article entitled “The United States isn’t a federal corporation” written on the FauxCapitalist blog. We wrote a related article about the issue in June of 2012. The author of the previous expanded on the meaning of his title in the corresponding comments section:

“The article is about how the United States isn’t a federal corporation — not that it’s not a corporation.”

An anonymous commenter posed the questions: Read Entire Article

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Jodi Arias Guilty; Now Will Juan Martinez Exploit Damning Evidence Against Richard Chrisman

May 8, 2013

Prosecutor Juan Martinez (center) exploited obvious evidence to convict Jodi Arias. Do not expect the same when Phoenix killer cop Richard Chrisman’s trial starts at the end of July.

Times are good right now for Maricopa County prosecutor Juan Martinez. Fox 10 in Phoenix called him a “national celebrity” after Jodi Arias was convicted of first-degree murder this afternoon. Martinez, an Arizona State University law school graduate admitted to the bar in 1984, started enjoying the glitz and glam of perpetual CNN and local media cameras a bit too much however. He was accused of prosecutorial misconduct by Arias’ defense team after signing autographs and posing for pictures with people who are his….fans? Read Entire Article

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CHRISTMAS LESSON: Ashkenazi (Zionist) Jews Are Gentiles

12/25/2012 (links and photos updated December 25, 2019)

Ben Shalom Bernanke, Benjamin Netanyahu, and “Lord” Jacob “4th Baron” Rothschild

ANTI-SEMITE ALERT!!!!! We will go ahead and put that to rest immediately. Here is former seven-term (30 years) Israeli Knesset member Shulamit Aloni’s assessment of “anti-semitism.”

Let’s begin with a few generally agreed-upon facts. The Torah, or “Written Torah” is the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. Today, over 90 percent of the people who call themselves “jews” in Israel, the United States, and Europe are Ashkenazi Jews. Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia says 85 percent on the world’s “jews” are Ashkenazi. Read Entire Article

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FOX NEWS REPORT: 60 Israeli Spies Arrested In USA Shortly After 9/11 (Aired 12/11/01)

June 25, 2012

Believe it or not, Fox News used to have real reporters who reported real news. All four parts of Carl Cameron’s Pulitzer-level report can be seen below. It blows the lid off Israeli espionage on U.S. soil during and before the September 11, 2001 “terror attacks” on New York City and Washington, D.C.

Most Americans still sheepishly believe that 9/11 Commission Report. It should be noted that Cameron’s report was removed from all Fox News video feeds (direct order from Rupert Murdoch himself shortly after originally airing). The Wiki-Jews are out in full force not only cleansing Cameron’s Wikipedia page of any reference to the story, but silencing all truth about Israeli corporation Amdocs being involved. Amdocs prints and stores virtually every record of all telecommunications made in the USA, specifically for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Comcast, DirecTV and Bell Canada, among others. Read Entire Article

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The United States is a “Federal Corporation”: 28 U.S.C. § 3002(15)

June 18, 2012

What they never taught you in high school civics class: The United States is a FEDERAL CORPORATION. See 28 U.S.C. Sec. 3002(15); Washington, D.C. is a sovereign city-state, not bound by any laws or treatises that the 50 states in the Union are (just as the City of London is not part of England proper and the Vatican is also a sovereign city-state).

The people believed by most to be representing Americans in D.C. are immune from virtually all laws and treatises of the USA. These corporate CEOs known as “congressmen” and “congresswomen” are representing a corporation known as United States, which makes most of its profits off a war and prison machine, and a fiat paper money system. Read Entire Article

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BILDERBERG 2012 THOUGHTS: The World Is A Simple Place

June 3, 2012

Such a simple world, but “they” present it as complicated.

Iran is an oil-exporting country and a member of OPEC.

OPEC as an organization agreed to only trade oil in U.S. dollars in the early 1970s. This happened at the same time President Richard Nixon and then-Federal Reserve chair Arthur Burns ended the proverbial “gold standard” for the U.S. dollar, and started the de-facto “oil standard.”

The only thing that gives paper, fiat Federal Reserve notes value is the fact OPEC member countries all agreed (by force or otherwise) to trade oil in said dollars. When Saddam Hussein and Iraq (OPEC country) threatened to stop trading in dollars, the country was invaded and he was killed. “They” used 9/11 as the excuse to invade Iraq, even though they had absolutely nothing to do with it and 15 of the 19 alleged 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Read Entire Article

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Rockefeller Foundation Speaks Of Bombing At 2012 London Summer Olympics In Past Tense

April 28, 2012

2012 London Summer Olympics official mascots Wenlock and Mandeville (L) resemble Illuminati
“All Seeing Eye.”

To those who track global Kabbalist activity, the strong possibility of a deliberate, false-flag “terror attack” at the London Olympics this summer, which will be used to “officially” start World War III, is not breaking news. Many subliminal clues exist, along with all the other false-flags used to start every other war in post-antebellum U.S. history. Read Entire Article

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